I’ve been watching the World Cup with some degree of fascination, finally, for soccer/football. I love the Sounders, but it all seems much more meaningful when these teams are playing for their countries. I’ve been rooting for mostly African teams, and, par for the course with me, they have not been doing well. The Ivory Coast lost to Brazil 3-0 yesterday, after Luis Fabiano sent in a kick that knocked over the IC’s goalie for the final blow. It looked like it hurt.

Ryan Rowland-Smith went up against Aaron Harang yesterday. The word “harangue” means “a long pompous speech”, but can also be used to mean “bother” or “hassle”. Aaron Harang succeeded in doing two out of three.

Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee both won their back-to-back complete games with Rob Johnson behind the dish. What does this mean? I have no idea. One thing I do know: Rob Johnson is not Dave Valle. Take that as you will.

Ford is the “official vehicle of the Seattle Mariners” on TV. Cliff Lee does a GMC commercial that airs on the radio. I want a divorce. Also, a Scion.

The only run we managed to score yesterday came in the 4th inning, on a sacrifice fly by Franklin Gutierrez to get Chone Figgins in. We managed to win a game with Brandon League and David Aardsma coming in to relieve Hyphen (who did an awesome job through 6 innings and change), with a one-run lead. This game looked a little more 2009 Mariners and a little less now. After striking out his last batter in the 6th inning, RRS yelled and did a very dramatic fist-pump, the first time I think I’ve seen him display such emotion in quite some time. It was very Felix-y, and, dare I say it, exhilerating. He would pitch 106 before being replaced with League. I don’t know from pitcher confidence, but I have to think that yesterday’s game gave a little of it back to Rowland-Smith. He was being hailed as a hero on the post-game show on 710 ESPN afterwards, as was League. Finally, his first win of 2010. When Chris Heisey finally popped up to Casey Kotchman on Aardsma’s second pitch with two out, it had to be a load off Hyphen’s mind.

The Chicago Cubs are coming to town for the next three games, and I hear that there will be a Carlos Silva/Felix Hernandez matchup. When I was talking to Brett before Saturday’s game, he was mentioning something that I’d forgotten about – Silva’s threat to throw Ichiro up against a wall back in 2008. I’d be willing to bet that Ichiro can indeed hardly wait to hit that first single off The Chief.

Tonight is the Everett AquaSox home opener. Looking out the window, I wish every stadium had a mobile roof. I have a rain jacket, I can layer up – I just shouldn’t have to in June! The Sox are making their trimphant return home after sweeping Salem-Keizer. I’m hoping for moisture-free skies and maybe a hot dog. I guess I’ll take a win, too.

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