Again with the winning

The Seattle area has had gorgeous weather yesterday. I should have gone to the Rainiers game to see Michael Pineda’s start, but after a full day of appointments and a few hours of yard work, I just couldn’t cop it. I am fully willing to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, that makes me a moron. Tacoma won, too, as did the AquaSox. I feel like I should throw a party.

I like Jeff’s post about Cubs fans and Cubs games here. I harbor no ill-will against Cubbies fans, anymore than I harbor any ill-will against fans of any other team – that is, to say, not much at all. But if you come to my house, turn your nose up at the food, break some glasses and make the neighbors call the police on my party, chances are high I’m not inviting you over again. I have no problem if you want to support your team, but bashing on mine isn’t going to make me your friend.

At this point in the season, any Cliff Lee start for us could be his last.  I could have taken copious notes on last night’s 8-1 game, or try and write a play-by-play, but I didn’t – and by the time 9pm rolled around, I had to divide my time between the game and America’s Got Talent, as an old bandmate was being featured on that show. Unfortunately, I missed him due to late tune-in (or maybe channel-flipping), but I did see most of Cliff Lee throwing another complete game to silence the Cubs fan base yet again. I know, I should watch Cliff as much as possible, but it is not often I see someone I know on TV.

There is literally nothing new I can say about Cliff Lee. If you know Lee, you already know that anything I might have to say about him would pale in comparison to reality. It’s one thing to look at his numbers, quite another to actually see him in action. Cliff Lee is everything he was billed to be and more. He’s like the Avatar of baseball. With all the rumors that have cropped up recently about him, coupled with the fact that this is just how things work,  it is of course only a matter of time before he’s gone. I know I said a while back that I was not attached to him, and I’m not – but I will miss watching him, his arm is utter poetry.

Our offense showed up last night, scoring 8 runs in a game the first time since…well, a while ago. Larry Stone’s got the game recap up here. The Milton Bradley booing continues, but as long as we also continue winning, I don’t care. Someone on Twitter was pointing out the other day how little sense it makes; Cubs fans seem convinced that they got the better end of the deal in Carlos Silva, so why continue to bash Bradley? He’s not their problem anymore. Ever since his initial outburst, he’s actually been quite tame.

Today is Felix Day, and I was originally going to work outside while listening to the game, but I think I’d rather watch the game, then declare war on the yard. The past two games of this series have been so strange and un-recent-Mariners-like that I think I actually need to watch it. Plus, it’s Felix Day!

This whole post feels flat. I need coffee.

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2 Responses to Again with the winning

  1. Hobo Hal says:

    Jeffy is kind of an obnoxious kid. I wonder if he’ll go through his entire life thinking he’s right about everyone and everything. I don’t like Cubs fans, but booing a jerk like crazy Milton doesn’t match with your bad analogy.

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