Fridays at SafeCo – Cinncinati edition

Felix Hernandez threw 9 innings of 117-pitch, 5-hit, 2-run ball yesterday. The matinee turned out to be a slow, low-scoring pitcher’s duel of a game. I’m somewhat sad to admit that even after a few years of baseball, I’m still no more into pitching duels than I was when I started. I can appreciate them more now, certainly; but on the whole, I find them terribly boring. I’m not a huge home run person; I don’t require big bats to enjoy the game. But offense does make things more exciting, even when it’s not yours. Maybe I’m just cranky because I didn’t sleep well last night, who knows…

I don’t have much to say about our loss yesterday, I really don’t. It was long, Aardsma was Aardsma-like, Brandon League actually used the pitches he claims he doesn’t want to use very often and was brilliant, and Garrett Olson was a mere flash before Sean White (why?!) gave up the winning run to the Cubs. And Ichiro got his 100th hit on the season, which, if I understand the way these things are estimated, puts him on pace to get another 200 this year.

Anyway, pictures…

Last Saturday night I was at a Reds game. As the bullpen walked to the back of the field, John Wetteland and David Aardsma were kicking each other in the back of the leg. This picture was taken after Aardsma tripped Wetteland up pretty badly, and Wetteland is about to exact his revenge.

Our roof, in the process of closing after we had been given a huge case of the damps by the evening’s weather. I don’t melt, but sitting in the left field bleachers with the wind coming in off the sound does nothing to make being lightly wet very pleasant.

Laynce Nix, our personal outfielder for half of the game. If memory serves, he made a really nice catch running up against the left field wall below us that night.

The Mariner Moose makes an appearance on his ATV. I could have sworn that the bullpen tosses water on him when he passes by, but Ryanna Hartley (the bullpen gladiator helmet girl, for those of you who might have seen her on TV) said they didn’t do it that time.

USS Mariner has a new writer in Carson Cistulli. I think I like it. His posts so far have been rather long but humorous, adding another layer to the already-stellar pile of awesome that is USSM. With the summer months fast approaching, and seeing how the team has gone in a somewhat opposite direction than what we initially thought, I am wondering aloud when the next USSM event will be, or if there will be one. The events in the past have all been extremely organized and lighthearted, but with things the way they are, I have to wonder if some more difficult questions wouldn’t be asked, which makes me wonder if the front office would be up for such a thing. I know the guys run a tight ship, but I’m sure that there are a lot of people looking for a lot of answers the FO might not be able to give.

I think I’m kind of looking forward to the game today against the Brewers, even though I wasn’t initially because eh, Milwaukee. Prince Fielder is a sight to behold, though, a hitter we don’t get to see often. Ryan Rowland-Smith up for the Ms, Dave Bush for the Brew Crew.

Oh yeah – and the AquaSox are now 7-0. I’m debating the game tonight if the weather clears up a little.

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