Blotto in Milwaukee

Either I must have been absolutely exhausted this morning, or Lou Piniella didn’t give good temper tantrum yesterday. I neglected to mention that I saw my first-ever Piniella freakout! It occurred after Chone Figgins stole third late in the game. I was hoping for some spitting, or diamond-redecorating, but instead I got a lot of head bobbing and easily-lip-readable-on-TV swears. I’ll take it. I was afraid he wouldn’t do it at all, so even a small one is completely acceptable.

Today was Milwaukee’s throwback night to 1982, with the Brewers sporting white and blue pinstripes, and the Mariners wearing the manly powder blue unis with the racing stripe down the side. Both were a pullover style jersey, which I think I kind of dig, actually. The pre-game show was actually pretty cool today, too – brief fun facts about Miller Park, and the Pfister Hotel where the team is staying during their tenure in Milwaukee. This last bit was hosted by a very goofy Garrett Olson and – who else – Doug Fister.

I had to step out for a moment in the first-third innings-ish, but by the time I was comfortably back in my chair in the bottom of the third, the Mariners had put 3 runs on the board via Actual Offense(tm), and Milwaukee had failed to raise the road to meet us. They waited until the bottom of the 4th to take care of that. With two men on and two out, Jonathan Lucroy pounded one over the center field wall, tying the score. Rowland-Smith faced Carlos Gomez with a changeup and then a second, which Gomez flung over the left field wall for the go-ahead run.

The Brewers continued their assault on Hyphen in the fifth inning, with a lead-off double from pitcher Dave Bush. RRS got Rickie Weeks to ground out, got Corey Hart to pop up to right field. When Prince Fielder came up and hit a line drive towards first, I figured Bush was going to make a try for home, but Mike Sweeney dove on top of it, catching the ball in the tip of his glove, and, hand in the air over his head and eyes on the umpire, jogged over to touch his bag.

Hyphen was replaced in the bottom of the 6th with Chad Cordero, who managed to allow Ryan Braun to score after a sacrifice fly into double play off the bat of Alcides Escobar, score at this point 5-3. Cordero lasted fractions of two innings before he was replaced by Garrett Olson, who gave up a double to Prince Fielder on a first pitch 81mph slider to drive Rickie Weeks in. Score 6-3. Olson stayed in the 8th and gave up a walk, a double, an RBI single (this last bit even after being talked to by Rick Adair), another run on a sac fly, and a flyout before being replaced by David Aardsma, with a 8-3 score.

Our bats remained silent. I would say that Trevor Hoffman came in to “shut us down”, but you can’t shut down something that was never powered on to begin with. Or that lost power shortly after the game started, whichever.

I’m not going to throw a fit over this. We had it and then we lost it, that’s the way things go. As losses are concerned, it’s not terribly heartbreaking.

Doug Fister is back with the club, Shawn Kelley having been sent to the DL with some elbow tightness or some such thing. And yet Sean White lives. It was an early game tonight, there is still plenty of time left for relaxing on a Friday night. Go to your local pub, tip well, and be glad you live in the Pacific NW, where we can drink better beer than the one that made Milwaukee famous.

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