We actually managed to beat the Yankees tonight

Got back from an appointment earlier this afternoon just as the designation-for-assignment of Eliezer Alfonzo was announced. He’s being exchanged for Josh Bard, who is now in New York and ready to go. At first I was just happy that Bard was back, but that little brain hiccup turned into the realization that really, I harbor nothing against Eliezer Alfonzo, so I’m not as celebratory as I initially thought. It must kind of suck to think you’re going to get to play in the new Yankee Stadium, then find out that it’s not the case at all, but I’m sure these guys have been through this enough times where it doesn’t really dent them any at all. Per this article here by Ryan Divish, Don Wakamatsu has expressed to Alfonzo the desire for him to stick around, should he clear waivers, so that’s pretty cool. Maybe I will never come to complete grips with the transitory nature of the game.

Cliff Lee trade talk is going nutty right now, with various reports that Jack Zduriencik and Brian Cashman have been seen “talking” today, and everyone speculating on Twitter and elsewhere about the possibility of some Mariners/Mets situation developing. I’ve now prepared myself to lose him, and I have prepared myself for today to be his last start in Seattle colors. It was a good one, a 114-pitch complete game. The last guy in Seattle’s arsenal to have three complete games in a row was Randy Johnson. Cliff Lee is a precious and rare flower. I hope everyone has relished him to the fullest extent, and yes, I am operating on the assumption that he will be gone by what would be his next turn in the rotation.

I took some notes and was originally debating a play-by-play post, but that’s kind of a pain, and I’ll leave it to the news sources. If you were watching, you know that the impossible-for-2010 happened, and that our offense small-balled its way into a 7-3 win with Lee on the hill, and Branyan in the lineup. Branyan didn’t go crazy with the lumber, but he did start off his first at-bat with a single. As for the rest of it, there were some weird problems for the Yankees, and frankly, they made themselves look kind of silly. And that’s not even me trying to be insulting, because I generally don’t do that. New York had some astounding throwing and fielding gaffes that did not look like World Champion play. Perhaps they’ll remedy that tomorrow against our King Felix, but for now, New York:

As a Mariners fan, sometimes you have to grab what you can.

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