Fridays at SafeCo

I am still battling either allergies or some sort of bug. It’s strong enough to be annoying and make me want to spend the rest of the day in bed, but not so strong that I don’t feel like I should be up and about taking care of various errands. Dilemma. Going to try and get a nap in before this afternoon’s volley against the Detroit Tigers. I live a terribly exciting life.

Russell Branyan, looking to make an easy out at first during a game last year with the Oakland Athletics.

Mark Lowe gets his stretch on before taking a few throws in the pen during a game against the Texas Rangers. I can’t remember if we won, it was sometime earlier last year, and I saw an Orioles game within that same week. Sometimes, all the photos start to blend together. Curses to that fence, as well.

David Aardsma in motion. I think that I had accidentally knocked the setting on the camera when this was taken, resulting in a far slower shutter speed than I normally use. I would have deleted it from my files, but it reminded me of a photo taken of Cole Hamels during the 2008 playoffs, so I held onto it.

I’ve been trying to get more action shots when I’m at SafeCo, but I always wind up getting involved in the game, and neglecting to have my camera out. Michael Saunders has made some stellar plays right in front of us, and I have been asleep at the photography wheel. Perhaps for the last half of the season I can attempt to be more vigilant. For now, it’s more water and a nap before this afternoon’s game.

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