Mariners get mauled in Detroit

Yep, I went there. Don’t look at me like that…

Being sick during nice weather is not much fun. I tried to take a nap today, but was rather unsuccessful. I’d like to feel at least coherent for tomorrow’s AquaSox game. Looks like early bedtime on a Friday night for me. You’re jealous.

I pried myself out of bed in time to fire up TweetDeck and see stomach flu-riddled Franklin Gutierrez take Max Scherzer over the left field wall for a solo homer to put us on the board in the second inning. Doug Fister battled the Tigers in the bottom half of the second, filling the bases full of them and having to face Don Kelly. Kelly hit a ground rule double that bounced off the warning track before going over the fence so only two runs scored, but it didn’t matter much because Austin Jackson sent Fister’s first curveball up the middle to clear the bases of runners. Score 4-1 Tigers.

Fister started to settle down a little by the 4th inning, but it wouldn’t be enough. And our offense still needed a good strong espresso or a kick in the pants. I would have taken (or given) either. After Fister walked Johnny Damon with two out in the bottom of the 5th, a call had been made to the pen to start warming up Chad Cordero. Magglio Ordonez was next and took three balls and a called strike before sending the 5th pitch right back at Fister, hitting him in the left calf. Fister got some trainer attention, threw a few practice pitches, and shook it off. Brennan Boesch was next up and sent a fastball foul, then put Fister’s next pitch in play, a shot to right field that scored Johnny Damon, and resulted in Cordero being brought in for relief. Cordero was able to get Carlos Guillen to ground into an out at first.

Cordero gave up a single to Brandon Inge in the bottom of the 6th, but Inge was not long for the inning. Cordero struck out Alex Avila, and Rob Johnson took the opportunity to give a shot at picking off a running Inge. Jack Wilson intercepted the ball and neatly swiped Inge out before his hand touched the second base bag.

Jose Lopez took a rare walk in the top of the 7th with Max Scherzer still on the hill. Scherzer had to face Gutierrez again and was a little more careful with him this time, getting Gutz to ground into a double play to end the inning. Sean White came in to replace Cordero, dealt two pitches to Austin Jackson, and promptly fell down on his knees. He got up and scuffed at the divot in the mound, apparently having some issue with the dirt there. After Ramon Santiago fouled a ball off of Rob Johnson’s mask, the grounds crew came out to try and fix whatever the problem might have been. Replays of every pitcher in the game up to that point showed a divot that White’s stride simply fell short on, causing his left ankle to twist slightly before he fell. It looked like something that might eventually land him in DL-Land, really; but he’ll likely play through it. One hill repair later, Ramon Santiago was singling and safely on base.

Our luck went even further down the tubes when White left a ball down and in the middle, and Johnny Damon got hold of it and sent it over the right field wall. Score 7-1 Tigers; and by “luck” I mean “Sean White’s numbers”. I have nothing against Sean White as a person, but as a baseball pitcher, I don’t think I want him on my team anymore. And I’m the nice one, remember? Don Wakamatsu brought Garrett Olson into the 7th to replace White. Normally, Olson’s presence in any game would thrill me to no end, but there was nothing for him to do, nothing for him to fix other than to simply ensure that Carlos Guillen was the last batter of the inning, which he did with three pitches.

Scherzer stayed into the 8th inning because he could; and he made it look like it was his first. Brandon League showed up in the bottom of the inning, but at this point we just needed a guy to throw some balls at the opposition, because offense just wasn’t going to happen. To his absolute credit, League did a stellar job, and I would have welcomed that performance in the highest of high leverage situations. We tried to throw some offense at  Phil Coke in the 9th, and actually managed to get some men on base, but Chone Figgins was tapped out at first during an outfield double play, and Jose Lopez swung his way into being the last out. As that cat in the Warner Bros. cartoons would say, “Le sigh“.

I was really hoping for a more up post, especially coming off the won series in New York; but it’s Mariners baseball.

Tomorrow afternoon, myself and Conor Dowley from ProBallNW will be headed up north to Everett Memorial Stadium to watch the AquaSox play the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. I know I’ve mentioned it a ton of times, but I am genuinely excited to take in a game from the press box there, and get a field-level glimpse of a Real Live(tm) batting practice! Adventure starts with the drive up around 1.30pm tomorrow for me, and we’ll be trying to get some stuff on Twitter as well, so you can follow Conor at the link above, or follow me here. A giant Post of Doom will be following the experience, as always.

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