I could have developed a drug habit. I could have become a raging alcoholic or a kleptomaniac. I could have massive credit card debt, or be addicted to exercise, or have a thing for biting my nails. I could become enamored with plastic surgery, or spend hours and hours indoors, playing online games.

But no.

I decided that baseball would be my ‘thing’, and that the Mariners would be my team.

And somehow, that’s become worse than all those other things combined.

Today was my first day at externship, and I spent the better part of 8 straight hours on my feet, so even though I should have known better, I still came home, made sure the TV was on FSN by 7pm, and watched tonight’s game. We’re playing the Royals, and we beat the Yankees. How much worse than last night could it get?

If you were watching, you know.

I had all this stuff written down in a draft about the “fan” (in quotes because he obviously didn’t know what he had just done) who interfered with a fair ball, and how what amounted to a shallow outfield hit down the first baseline may or may not have enabled Ichiro to tie up the game from first; but WordPress decided that it needed to log me out and lose over half of what I’d posted, and frankly, I am far too exhausted to try and re-write it or even remember all of what I wrote down. It wasn’t really all that pleasant anyway, so maybe it’s for the best…

But hey, here’s a bit of news: Conor from ProBallNW will be doing a few pieces here and there for this site that will lean to the more analytical side. I thought it might add a bit more depth to the site, and possibly take up any slack I might have to leave with my busy school schedule. He promises not to go nuts with the numbers, so this blog may actually still retain its girlish charm. His first piece will be on David Aardsma, and will show up sometime tomorrow.

For now, I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch some Tim & Eric and try and forget baseball exists for a while. Well, at least until tomorrow at 7.10pm…

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  1. Craig-MarinersManiac says:

    This is Why I always read your Blog….

    its not all Fluff and Puff….
    Its not all Gloom and Doom…

    Its exactly what happened at the game, and things every fan felt.
    Its you real account of the average fan.

    I’m on my 8th drink!!!
    Go Mariners!!! (I spelled it correctly)

    • section331 says:

      Oh, no – go Craig! haha!

      I think Conor’s pieces will keep it relatively light. He won’t be around frequently, as his priority is ProBallNW, and I have no wish to take away from their fine work over there.

      I’ll try to keep my fluffy doom and gloom to a minimum, for sure. 😉

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