I’m on an all-star break, too…

…without the whole “star” part…

I feel like I should have watched the Home Run Derby last night, but I just couldn’t bring myself to be that interested. I heard bits of it in the car on the way home, and just found the fact that it should be broadcast rather amusing. Home runs are spectacles, and while a good announcer can really bring home the excitement of personally witnessing one, it is the home run’s visual appeal and infrequency that makes it great. Having some guy stand and soft toss behind a screen so the player can whack it as far out of the park as possible might look cool, but over the radio that sort of home run hitting completely loses whatever appeal it might have. I drove home and listened to what few player interviews there were, and to the announcers try and make it sound exciting. I tried watching it last year, it just looked like a bunch of people standing around, waiting and confused. I can get that at the grocery store.

I watched the ASG tonight long enough to see Evan Longoria score for the AL in the 5th inning. But now I have homework. If I had a less busy schedule and was getting more sleep, I’d totally be watching it and likely getting into it wholeheartedly; but as it is, I am glad to have another day off from baseball.

Move along, nothing to see here today. Thank you, come again.

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