The future is now

Word on the street is that Dustin Ackley, everyone’s favorite golden child, has been promoted to Triple A Tacoma. It is tempting for me to go see his scheduled start on the 31st of this month, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Conor from ProBallNW will be going, and should be able to give some good insight. I’m guessing Marc W from USS Mariner will likely be there, too. Conor has an article up here on Ackley’s rise from the draft, and will be providing a full report after the game. I am jealous. Jay Yenich from USSM has some other numbers for Ackley here.

I hate to admit this, but getting the Everett AquaSox game recaps in my email inbox is making me wish that I was a little more into the minors (cue terrible, terrible joke here). The AquaSox are good this year: 18-7 good. And if you require any sort of idea of where that puts them in the standings for short season single A, here you go. Sure, it’s short season and it’s only among 8 teams, but when you’re a win-starved baseball fan, you’ll take it. This means that I stand a pretty good chance of seeing a win when I go to Root Beer Float Night on the 25th, and again when Conor and I go back down for our next press box visit on the 21st of August.  Part of me feels badly for cheating on the Mariners with their younger, dorkier brother, but I’m getting tired of the lack of flowers and chocolates, and the way they chew their food. And the snoring! Don’t even get me started…

As for the M’s themselves, they’ll be joining Ichiro down in Anaheim for the next four games, and Doug Fister will be on the hill tomorrow for us. I’ve been having an OK few days off, so getting back into the last half of this dank season should be fun. The Mariners are sort of like quicksand – the more you struggle, the worse it gets. Just lay back and take it.

Additionally, if you need a laugh, Jeff Sullivan’s got you covered.

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