Yeah, that sounds about right on track …

Imagine my absolute joy when I turned on the radio in rush hour traffic today to discover that not only was Chris Seddon called up from Tacoma, but Sean White had been optioned to it, and Chad Cordero had declared free agency. Had I not been trying really hard not to drive into the back of the car in front of me, I would have done a little dance right there. As it was, I got all fluttery at the news. I don’t know how White lasted so long up here, and the damage is already done, but it seems at last there is some recognition of the fact that he has done us no good so far this year. I don’t know how Seddon will translate to the bigs, but I do like him, so there’s that. Plus, Jered Weaver haircut! I can’t say I blame Cordero for jumping ship. I’m sure a lot of these guys would chew their own arms off to get away from this team right about now.

Today was my first real glimpse at Justin Smoak. I was too disappointed in Sunday’s game to watch the whole thing, so I never got a chance to check him out. I hear he didn’t get off to the best start (which shouldn’t surprise me at all by now), but with the changes today, I was feeling optimistic. I should not have been. 0 for 4 tonight. I know that there is some adjustment and a new team, and all the reasons for a guy not playing up to his expected potential that any radio broadcaster or TV announcer could possibly shell out, but it makes last week’s local media freak-out over Smoak’s arrival look like amateur comedy hour. I’m more than willing to admit I’m wrong here, and maybe I need to wait. But I am growing more and more impatient with this team with every loss.

I love baseball. I love the Seattle Mariners. But those two things just aren’t going together very well this year. Games are not holding my attention like they used to, writing a play-by-play has proven far too depressing; I have a really good time with those if the ball being played is good, or if I honestly can’t guess the outcome before the start of the game, but not so much if I have to struggle to describe implosion, disaster, and badness. How excited am I supposed to get over these games? I have to say defensively I have very few complaints about this team. If we could run that kind of defense with even half the stick power, we’d prove more of a threat. It didn’t help that Fister allowed 6 runs, one of which was charged to him (if I understand that whole thing, and I don’t have the best of grips on it) under the watchful eye of Brian Sweeney. Brian Sweeney gave way to newcomer veteran Jameye Wright, who gave up a walk, a single, and let another run in before being able to close the bottom of the 7th with an Erick Aybar foul popout. Garrett Olson had a quick 8th, actually managing to strike out Bobby Abreu swinging. But it was far too late for anything magical to happen. Not with this team, not this year.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, but I am looking forward to seeing Felix Hernandez take on Jered Weaver, who no longer has a Jered Weaver haircut. It will be a good way to unwind from what has been a ridiculously stressful week. I’m not going to worry about winning or losing, I’m just going to try and chill and watch baseball games from now on. It’s the only way I won’t lose my sanity completely.

EDIT: Jeff Sullivan says this is the “worst possible time for impatience” regarding Smoak. I can’t help my gut reaction, but I’m sure it’s not made any more rational by the beginning of the season. I’ll try and settle down, but it won’t be easy.

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2 Responses to 35-54

  1. spankystout says:

    Yeah the off-season hype really set this team up for a long fall down….as for Smoak–he was rushed to the bigs by Texas, mainly because Chris Davis was slumping. Smoak has difficult hitting LHPs, and now was the ‘centerpiece’ in a deal for the leagues best pitcher. He is probably under enormous self-imposed pressure to perform, meanwhile he is still developing. So try to direct the impatience towards the ever increasingly impatient Jose Lopez, and the other costly veteran players that are wholly underperforming.

    • Megan Shear says:

      Truly, I don’t blame Smoak specifically – my impatience is really more geared with the season in general. I was planning on being totally content if we came out around .500, but if things continue, there is just no way that’ll happen, barring some great miracle. Depressing. And I can’t even rely on the Orioles; I pick the worst teams… :p

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