Fridays at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Today was Felix Day. A happy occasion. Usually. And it has been at times earlier this season. But not today.

Our Hero, and the fountains in the outfield of Angels Stadium of Anaheim.

Yes. That is a picture of my TV. So are these…

Jeff Weaver pitching to Ichiro Suzuki. It was my vague understanding that Ichiro was supposed to break or at least try to break some sort of record this evening…or he’s very close. I feel terrible for not knowing what it is, but I am exhausted, my only respite from the Real World (the actual real world, not that stupid TV show) is slowly consuming my soul, and we lost 3-2 on Felix Day. Under normal circumstances, I would totally know what it was, but when you stand on your feet for 8 hours straight and then get home a mere 15 minutes before first pitch after spending about an hour plus in traffic, all while having very little to zero internet access all day long, well…when it happens, I’ll be all over it, I swear.

Felix striking out Juan Rivera. The very moment it happened. Pretty sweet, huh?

The only thing truly interesting to me about tonight’s game other than the pitching matchup (which was not Felix’s best outing, trust and believe) was the fact that Justin Smoak took a Jered Weaver changeup on a vacation over the center field wall. Salvaged a little of our dignity, but we still lost. Yay, baseball.

Tomorrow is Ryan Rowland-Smith vs Joe Saunders. Third verse, same as the first.

In other news, the Everett Aquasox are still going strong. I should have booked more visits to the press box over the upcoming weeks…

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