A wild Saturday night

I know I said I’d be all over Ichiro’s meeting of Yogi Berra’s hit record last night, but I missed the actual hit because I was arranging flowers. Don’t look at me like that. It was a friend’s birthday, and Tom was going to the party, but because of homework I am unable to attend; Saturdays may be the only day I have to take care of such things. So I managed to make an arrangement of hydrangeas from our yard look like a suitable birthday bouquet before I settled in and took my online class while having the game on in the background. Meanwhile, the first three innings passed, and Ichiro got his hit, Ryan Rowland-Smith gave 6 runs to the Angels, and the Ms managed a tiny rally in the top of the 4th.

When Hyphen put two men on the corners in the bottom of the 4th with one out, Don Wakamatsu took him out and brought in Chris Seddon, all elbows and hair. Seddon took care of business, and prevented the Angels from continuing their onslaught. I’m very glad to see him up here. Some players you like because they’re  good players, some you like because they just have a certain air about them, something personable that gives them that likability (that word seems like it’s spelled wrong, but spellcheck says it’s OK to go). Like Garrett Olson before him, Seddon is one of the latter for me; I may have no valid reason to like him, but I’m still a fan.

On a 1-2 pitch from Joe Saunders, Justin Smoak sent a solo homer into the Angels’ bullpen to put the score at 5-6 Angels. As he started off for first, he had a little smirk on his face, which gives me just the teeniest, tiniest case of the loves. I figured out today that Smoak reminds me of Jonathan Papelbon looks-wise. I can’t stand Papelbon, but since Smoak has absolutely no choice in the matter, I’ll let it slide. Plus, if he’d like to keep hitting like that, that is totally cool with me. I understand he was sort of Brandon Morrow’d by the Rangers organization, so I’ll wait a little for him to do his thing here with us.

Brian Sweeney replaced Seddon in the bottom of the 6th, though I’m not clear on why. Seddon’s smooth 5th inning made it look like he was just warming up and settling in, and I would have liked to see more of him at the major league level. Maybe some day. Sweeney gave a single to Reggie Willits, got Arick Aybar out on a sac bunt, and struck out Howie Kendrick on a checked swing. He had a bit of trouble with Bobby Abreu, taking the batter to a 2-2 count. Josh Bard ran out for the fastest mound “conference” I’ve ever seen, and once he was back in place behind the dish, Sweeney and Abreu continued their battle. Abreu grounded out to Jack Wilson at short to end it, thankfully.

Josh Bard took a 2-2 pitch over the right field wall for a solo shot in the top of the 7th to tie the game up. Juan Rivera returned the favor in the bottom of that inning to give the Angels the advantage again. Sweeney sent a slider right into the middle of the strike zone, and Rivera took advantage of it, getting the ball off the center of the barrel of his bat, perfectly, no doubt, out of the park. Sweeney was removed in favor of Brandon League, who ended the inning with a Kevin Frandsen groundout. League survied the bottom of the 8th as well without incident. It didn’t matter much, though – the Angels giveth, but they are masters at taketh-ing away. Brian Fuentes went down the tail end of our batting order slowly but relatively easily, having to fight only with Jack Wilson at the last before we were beaten into submission again, final score 6-7 Angels.

Tomorrow Jason Vargas takes on Ervin Santana, and I will not be around to see it. I have a date with a hike and some outdoor activity, so I don’t feel like I’ve spent my entire weekend inside on such a wonderfully nice few days off. Plus, Tom needs some attention; he’s been down in his basement studio for the past week working on Wang Chung remixes* and muttering something about “the precious”. It might be time to go outside for a bit. In my stead, Conor said he might help me out with a game post or something so the site isn’t dropping any balls (insert Rob Johnson joke here). Enjoy the weather, Seattle. We don’t get it too often.

*I am not kidding.

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