Fridays At Safeco: Mid-season Memories Edition

So I was going to do a post today, and it was going to be all analytical and everything.  I’m out in Sequim, however, helping my parents with some major projects on their little farm and I’m just too tired from ripping out dead bushes all morning to do any analysis.

Lucky for me, it’s Friday, which means Fridays at Safeco around here.

However, I don’t take near as many pictures at the stadium as Megan does, mostly because my camera sucks and I usually forget it anyways.  So instead of putting up my own, I thought I’d pick some of my favorites of hers from this year and share them with you again.

In no particular order, as I find them…

Luke French, warming up in the pen before a start against the Angels last year.  Love the ball coming right at you, and his Mr. Serious pitchface.

The roof at SafeCo field against the clouds of Seattle, as viewed from the first base side of the upper deck during a Blue Jays game earlier this season.  Megan has a great eye for shots like this…

See what I mean?  This is Jeff Niemann of the Rays dealing to Jose Lopez in early May of this year.  We were sitting in the upper deck, and Megan got several shots like this over the course of the night, before we abandoned our seats in favor of the beer garden (it was during that stretch of blowouts we took early that month).  You can even see the ball as Lopez is hacking at it (he missed horribly if memory serves).

Guti in action, taking a jump on yet another one of his easy, gliding catches.  Such a privilege having him here…

The Mariners are facing off against the Red Sox again tonight, with Jason Vargas facing off against Josh Beckett.  Beckett has been rocky at best for much of this season, so hopefully he has another off night and Vargas pitches as well as he did in his last start.

Enjoy your weekends, folks!

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