Early game week

I do have some photos and tales from yesterday’s Aquasox/Volcanoes game, but after sitting in the direct sunlight for a slow-pitching Yoervis Medina game for 9 innings (though Forrest Snow was able to step up the pace a little bit, we were still there for what seemed like forever), then coming back to my ‘hood and stuffing myself full of Brickyard Barbecue, I couldn’t do much but lay down and sleep. This week for the Mariners holds a lot of early games, games that I won’t be home to watch most of thanks to school. I’ve asked Conor to cover for me here, but I don’t know how much he’ll be able to do, as his MLB.TV feed is often on the fritz. I’ll certainly try to get to my AquaSox stuff later today.

Of some significance to me was the Dan Haren trade to the Angels yesterday. Conflicted! On the one hand, what were the Diamondbacks thinking?! Joe Saunders?!! That was my first reaction. But on the other hand, this means I get to see Haren more frequently (or at all, really, since last year’s series against the DBacks in SafeCo did not fall on his pitching rotation slot) now that he’s in our division. Haren himself seems pretty stoked, but I guess if you’re going from a team that is 37-62 to a team that is 52-49, it’s reason enough to be excited to leave. I hope he does well back in the AL again. Not against us, but well.

And with that exciting piece of information, I need to leave to get ready for another long day. Happy Monday, kids…

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