AquaSox picture post

I did make it to the AquaSox Rootbeer Float day yesterday with Tom and our friends Craig and Kathleen. My main goal was to get the plastic giveaway mug (mission accomplished) and see how many rootbeer floats I could down (turns out the answer is about one in any heat over 80 degrees – milk products maybe not a great choice). Because of how well this season has gone for the ‘Sox – and because the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes have not seen the best season this year against them – I was also expecting a win. And you know what? It was kind of nice to go to a game expecting to win.  At Mariners games this year, all I’ve really expected was to have a good time and some dinner. But going in wanting that victory, and knowing that there is a really good chance it may happen…it’s a pretty sweet feeling, I have to say.

So, as we sat in our seats in section K, slathering on sunscreen and complaining about the direct sunlight and the amount that we were all sweating, I took some photos:

Steve Baron, in the lineup yesterday (and far left), takes some warmup tosses with pitcher Yoervis Medina while other AquaSox mill around by the bullpen area.

The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes starting lineup, waiting to be whupped again. I might feel sorrier for them if the Mariners were doing well, but since I have nothing else to latch onto this year, I have no problem being anti-Volcano.

Hawkins Gebbers and Kevin Mailloux pre-game.Gebbers is currently a candidate in Minors Moniker Madness. Even if you don’t vote, click on the link and check out some of those names. It looks like some parents had an interesting sense of humor when it came to naming their future baseball stars.

A Volcanoes batter takes on a Medina pitch.

The first Dippin’ Dots I’ve ever eaten. It was like a fruit flavor sorbet Dots, since the ice cream in the rootbeer floats was a bit awkward on such a hot day. These things were delicious, and I’m a little embarrassed I’ve never had them before. The cup is a Baltimore Orioles batting helmet. Tom got the Diamondbacks one, at my request.

Yoervis Medina winds up and delivers. Medina threw possibly one of the slowest games I’ve ever seen yesterday. I don’t know if I’m saying that because I get really fatigued in temperatures above 75, or if he truly was that slow – but the first three innings took about an hour.

Forrest Snow throws much faster than Medina.

Winning! I have the tendency to forget what it looks like. No extras, very little struggle, the game was tied at one point, but won by two runs…I expected it, it happened, and I left Everett feeling even more excited for the next time I get to go up there. Yeah, it’s short season Single A, but these guys might be major leaguers some day, and they’re still playing professional ball. I’ll take it.

I will miss most of Ryan Rowland-Smith’s start tomorrow, like I missed most of Felix’s start today, but I will be home for the Jason Vargas/Mark Buehrle matchup on Wednesday, and against everything that I know to be good and true, I am actually a little excited about it.  Go Mariners, go AquaSox, and of course, go Rainiers!

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