Fridays at SafeCo

I have about 25 minutes before I have to be in the car and on my way to Mountlake Terrace for a marvelous 8 hours of unpaid “school”. So here goes nothing, FAS in record time…

No, your eyes do not deceive you – that is indeed Adrian Beltre making crazy face at someone in the bullpen before a game. Picture taken last year, and judging by the others around it, it was Felix Day, and maybe a little cloudy. It was during Beltre’s stint on the DL with his torn crotchy bits.

David Aardsma gets warmed up while John Wetteland watches the big screen. After 82 games at home, these guys have seen 82 different hydro races, 82 rotated blooper reels, 82 rotated highlight reels, 82 rotated episodes of “Who’s your favorite super hero” or “Kids view” or whatever else they choose to show, 82 hat tricks, and they’ve heard “Louie Louie” 82 times. It’s a miracle they’re all still alive.

Remember when our bullpen was full of fun and crazy? Remember when they were the best bullpen in all of major league baseball? As they said in Gladiator, make us believe it again, guys. I’m certainly ready.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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