There’s really not much to say today

I haven’t had a lot of time to read blogs or news, and while I have watched as much of the past four games as I have been able to, it has not been without much passion. I still maintain my love of the Seattle Mariners – yes, even these Seattle Mariners – and I plan to keep watching every game as much as I can between school time until the season is over. But I think I will start focusing on other things about this 2010 baseball season; the remaining few days until the trade deadline, the Everett AquaSox, what the Mariners can do to thwart other teams from getting to the playoffs, maybe throw at least one or two more Tacoma Rainiers games in before the end of the year…and of course whose bandwagons I ride as the season winds down to its ultimate showdown, the World Series. The other great part about seasons like this is that the team will be more likely to shuffle its roster out of necessity and trying not to lose games, so we’ll be getting to see a tiny sample of the lower rungs of the Mariners organization working at a major league level. Then again, that can either be good or bad – I’m trying to keep in mind that at one point at the end of 2007, I was impressed by Jeff Clement’s hitting…

Another thing I probably need to start looking at now is how exactly I can obtain more tickets for next year by the ticketing office’s deadline. I will be freshly graduated soon, and possibly still unemployed for a while after that,  and my finances are in a pretty deep hole. The left field bleachers worked well for me this year; I think I prefer them to the upper deck; they’re certainly cheaper. I feel more like I’m at a game there over left field, and less like I’m in the Seattle Public Library. If I can scoot down to section 185-187 or so, I won’t even have to move whenever someone warms in the bullpen to take pictures, and can enjoy the Bullpen Landing and all its drunken antics from a safe distance. Five thumbs up for the left field bleachers.

Tomorrow it’s the Minnesota Twins for the Mariners. Doug Fister vs. Scott Baker.

And I haven’t much else to say. Just glad the weekend starts tomorrow…

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