Happy Trade Deadline Day!

Always one of the stranger and more confusing days of the year thanks to all of the conflicting information flying around, the Trade Deadline is just hours away.

Anywho, I’ve been burning the, uhm, mid-morning oil gathering the info I can find on what’s going on.  If you want to keep an eye on what’s being rumored, said, and maybe even done as the deadline approaches, head on over to ProBall Northwest and use my Trade Deadline Roundup piece as your one-stop shopping for all the info I can get my hands on for you guys.  If the Mariners wind up being involved in any trades, be sure that I’ll write something up on it as quick as I can over at ProBall.

Also, I put together a quick piece in the wee hours of the morning theorizing on what could happen with David Aardsma.  Check it out!

Oh, and I’ll be heading down to Tacoma tonight to check out Dustin Ackley and (hopefully) the newly-promoted Josh Lueke, who was simply blowing away hitters in AA West Tennessee after he was acquired in the Lee trade.  I’ll have a writeup on what I see as soon as I can after I get home.

Megan’s note: With the season going the way it has gone thus far and school taking a significant chunk out of me, I simply don’t have the energy to keep up or involve myself in the trade deadline this year. I would also like Conor to know that I am ridiculously jealous of the fact that he gets to go see Ackley and possibly Lueke this evening, a mere 30 miles away in Tacoma. I cannot go, we are having company over tonight. This is all somehow Rob Johnson’s fault.

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