This and that…

I am still alive, still trying to figure out things to say about this season. It’s a little easier to be lax when you can – if I had a job already and wasn’t as sleepless over my school hours and jacked about finally graduating and having to then look for work, if my life was currently anything remotely approaching “normal”, all of this would be a lot more difficult. But I don’t have the luxury of needing or even wanting to struggle with shiny happy things to say about the Seattle Mariners, because I simply don’t have the time.

So what have we on the docket for this fine Monday day off?

Not much, though what is there has been slightly intriguing…

Rob Johnson was sent down to Tacoma, and Adam Moore was called up. It’s long overdue, in my humble opinion. RJ just hasn’t been a major league guy this year, and while I  hate hating on my own players, the passed balls and empty plate appearances were just wearing thin. I don’t know that Adam Moore is the answer, but I’ve run out of questions, so I guess it doesn’t much matter. What does this mean, outside of probably a lot of people celebrating quietly with a beer and a contented sense of satisfaction? It means that Jeff Sullivan can see into the future. Creepy.

The Tacoma Rainiers are playing tonight with Michael Pineda starting, but FSN isn’t airing it; they chose to go instead with a Portland Beavers game, and that’s cool. PDX needs a little love from FSN, because I’m sure watching the Mariners continue to vortex everything in their path like a big sucky thing is making people in Portland wonder why people in Seattle like baseball at all. There are game threads up on both USS Mariner and Lookout Landing, and I’m sure it’s on the radio with Mr Mike Curto. Again, I’m kind of glad for the break even though the Rainiers are doing quite well this year (is that another PCL victory I hear in the distance?).

Also, there was some random speculation on the Brock and Salk show today that Don Wakamatsu’s number might be up in the near future, but I’m not touching that until it happens. Some people report the news, some try and make it. I choose to sit back and complain about it.

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2 Responses to This and that…

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    … and I choose to read your complaint! 😉

    Maybe a few of the Tacoma players that get called-up in September will be worth watching, since there isn’t much else to look forward to this year. Ugh.

    It does seem kinda weird to me that Wak doesn’t seem to be getting much support from the team or from the front office. Oh well, what do I know.

    • Megan Shear says:

      You’re not alone in finding that weird. I just think that some people have been voicing their opinion about this situation lately as if it’s a given that Wak will be let go. Quite a few fans were calling for his head early on in the season, as if it’s somehow his fault that Figgins can’t hit and Johnson can’t catch. And nobody was complaining about his way of running things last year. Some of the players on this team, in my opinion, need to get their act together and take care of business – and if they can’t, they need to go somewhere they can or will.
      I can only imagine what things must be like in that clubhouse lately. Ugh.

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