Bye-bye, Hugs…

Bonus points if you get the Simon and Garfunkel reference (yes, I am old).

Mike Sweeney has been traded to the Phillies for cash. That’s right, Mike Sweeney was sold down the river! I’ll be the first to admit I was not at all fond of Sweeney when he arrived. His hyper-religious, super-good-guy approach to interviews rang a little hollow to me initially. He was a “veteran”, which in the blogosphere has come to be sometimes synonymous with being hustle- and grit-filled. We’ve had a lot of those in my short tenure as an Ms fan. I figured it was only a matter of time before he imploded and acted like any other spoiled disingenuous athelete. But no, it never happened; because Mike Sweeney is the real deal. All that happiness, all those smiles, all that ‘hey it’s great to be here’ attitude, that’s all pure SweenDawg.

Sweeney has given Mariners fans a year and a half of good humor, happy clubhouse vibes, friendly interviews with local press, high-fives, the occasional shaving cream pie, and above all, that precious 2009 Seattle Mariners commodity, lots and lots of hugging. He was cited numerous times as a reviving force for the team last year, and was brought back in the hopes that maybe he could reprise his role as some sort of back-slapping, Ken-Griffey-Junior-defending, feel-good super hero for 2010. But we all know what happened there, and if there is any such thing as clubhouse chemistry, then Sweeney must have lost his mojo this year. I got sucked into the Sweeney Vortex, and despite the fact that he had very little offensive power left in the tank, and has spent a lot of time this year with some injury or other, frankly, I’m going to miss Mike Sweeney.

Mike Sweeney, playing ball with his young son on the grass of SafeCo Field before a game. Enjoy him, Philadelphia; you may never see an athlete with more of a love for the game and those around him than this guy.

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3 Responses to Bye-bye, Hugs…

  1. Jeff Wise says:

    I will miss Mike Sweeney. He was a very good guy and can still hit the ball really well when healthy.

    It is a shame that he was sold for cash. I sure hope it was because the front office wanted him to have a shot at the playoffs.

  2. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Mike has a lot of passion for the game, and I hope that he does well in Philadelphia. Good luck and best wishes! 🙂

    I think the FO wanted Mike to have a shot at the playoffs, and didn’t really have a place for him in Seattle right now. My guess is that the FO wants to give playing time to players from Tacoma over veterans (like Mike) that probably won’t be here next year. Unfortunate for Mike, but makes sense for player development.

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