Oh, Sunday…

There is just not that much to talk about. The Mariners won Friday then lost last night. I’m going to try and watch today’s game before I head down to Tukwila to try and do yardwork to make good on my ticket deal, but with this weather, it is debatable how much I can even get done. I was hoping for weather that was…uh…like August. It’s Seattle, joke’s on me. There are some events coming up that are of some personal significance within the realm of baseball, but that’s about it…

Tuesday’s social media event that I won tickets for last week has been canceled because Ryan Rowland-Smith is unable to make it. This instantly causes me some degree of confusion – won’t he already be there in SafeCo Field? – but has also resulted in a situational advantage, because my tickets have been “upgraded”. I do not know what this means, but what it DOES mean is that I can leave school two hours early that day to make it down to SafeCo to get to will-call. Unfortunately I have to work extra on Wednesday, but I’ll take the early time off for a free baseball game. Thanks again, @TheRealMariners.

Saturday August 21 also marks the second time that Conor and I will be headed up to Everett to see the AquaSox play the Tri-City Dust Devils, the Colorado Rockies affiliate. Press box time again. From what I understand, the guys from Prospect Insider will also be there. I haven’t met Jason Churchill, but Chris Crawford seems like the nicest thing on wheels, so it should be a fun night. I’d like to get up there for at least one playoff game as the season winds down. My original intent was to go to more Rainiers games, but I wound up becoming more familiar with the AquaSox organization, and it hasn’t been nearly as confusing to keep up with all those names as I originally thought it might.

Lastly, I curse my schedule further, I simply haven’t had the time to keep up with local current events. I really want to go to this, but am not sure if I can afford it just yet. I am hoping that all the Mariners fans who were in such a hurry to attend the last one at Benaroya Hall might be a little too disgruntled to rush to do this one, and I might have a little more time to make up my mind. Sorry, guys; it’s for purely selfish reasons this time around.

It’s nearly 10. I’m going to finish my coffee, take my online midterm (this online class stuff is so bizarre, but I’m thankful for it – my schedule would be worse if this was a class I had to attend physically), and keep my fingers crossed that the Mariners can take the series from the Royals today, and that the weather clears up. I know I’m likely barking up both of the wrong trees here…

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6 Responses to Oh, Sunday…

  1. RRS won’t be at the stadium because he’s with the Rainiers on a rehab assignment. Sucks that they had to cancel the event because of that, though…

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Well, i just feel like I’ve missed a ton of stuff this year because of school. I’ve got most of the bigger news kept track of, but it’s hard to keep up on everything…

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