Gearing up for today’s Mariners game, the news came down about Brandon Morrow nearly no-hitting the Tampa Bay Rays. The number of no-hitters and near-no-hitters this year has certainly been strange, but what’s even stranger is that the Mariners have not been on the list of those clubs that have  been no-hit. Morrow obtained the win, sending several people on Twitter off on brief tangents about how we never should have traded him. I’m not in the mood to walk down that road today, so let’s not.

The game was pitcher’s duel-y and slow for the first 5 innings and change. Last year taught me to get slightly more excited over pitcher’s duels (sorry, I generally find them slow and not terribly exciting – matchups are exciting to me, but not the duels themselves – no, that doesn’t make much sense, I know), but this season any game that lacks offense as most of ours have is difficult to get lathered up over. In the bottom of the 6th, we wound up with an Ichiro midfield single, a Chone Figgins single that sent Ichiro to third base, a Figgins steal, and Casey Kotchman managed to single them both in, to give us a 2-1 lead. Figgins later hit an RBI single in the bottom of the 8th after a few uneventful (and run-free) innings pitched by Jamey Wright and Brandon League.

With the score at 3-1 in the top of the 9th, David Aardsma came in. He got Mitch Maier to ground out, gave up a solo home run to Alex Gordon, and took Chris Getz and Gregor Blanco out to end it. The first series won since being in New York City, what seems an eternity ago. Beating the Royals is rarely satisfying, but seeing some offense isn’t half bad. I’ll take it.

So what else? Shawn Kelley has to have surgery that will likely end his season both this year and possibly next, and Jack Wilson took a fall in his bathroom and broke his hand. And of course by now everyone knows about Erik Bedard, so if I’ve already mentioned it here, apologies, and if not, apologies too. There is just a point where there isn’t much else to say. It’s times like these when I wish I had more of an analysis background, or actually was a reporter, because then I wouldn’t feel like I’ve come to my own blog empty-handed. We’ve still got a lot of baseball left this year, though; lots of pictures to be taken, lots of things to be talked about, playoffs, the World Series…also, yard work to be done this afternoon, so I’ve gotta skate. Enjoy what remains of this balmy SeaFair weekend. Oakland A’s tomorrow…

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