Wakamatsu Fired

Megan is out at work, and I figured everyone might like to hear this.

The Seattle Mariners announced this morning that they have relieved manager Don Wakamatsu, bench coach Ty Van Burkleo, and pitching coach Rick Adair of their duties with the team.  In non-fancy terms, they have been fired.

Obviously, this move comes as something of a stunner.  No matter where you stand on Wak’s competency as a manger or on how much blame for the results of the 2010 season should rest on his shoulders, most everyone would have to agree that the timing is fairly curious.  Instead of firing Wak after the disastrous 0-7 homestand, they fired him after they won their first series in a month, and played well for most of the homestand.

Tacoma Rainiers manager Daren Brown has been tabbed as the interim manager for the rest of the 2010 season.  Roger Hanson, the team’s minor league catching coordinator, will be the bench coach, and Carl Willis, minor league pitching coordinator, will be the pitching coach.

We’ll have fuller reactions later in the day once things have settled a bit and time to think properly has been had.

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