Like water off a duck

I wasn’t able to actually watch anything but the last inning of Friday’s game. I listened to some of it on the radio on my way home from school, and when I walked in the door at home discovered David Aardsma on the hill, a one-run lead, and two outs already. And a save! Stunning. Yesterday’s game was just as glorious, with a grand slam by Josh Bard of all people (his first ever, hit for his daughter on her birthday – he also managed to get the ball back from the folks who caught it for the price of an autograph), and home runs by both Casey Kotchman and Russell Branyan. Jason Vargas pitched well, allowing the Indians their only 3 runs of the game, and he was backed up by Garrett Olson and Jamey Wright, who I believe got the “save”, if you can call it that with a 9-3 final score.

We had guests over last night, so I failed to check the rotation for today, but was happily surprised to find out that it was Felix Day again. Today’s game was either a contest between Felix and Justin Masterson, or a bid to see whose offense was worse. By the top of the 6th inning, I was beginning to believe that the only way this game would be won would be via home run. There was a fairly questionable call in the 5th inning against Chone Figgins. Initially, replay looked like he was tagged out at first, but a still photo later in the broadcast showed he was definitely safe and had not been touched by a diving Matt LaPorta. It would not have made much of a difference.

Cleveland scored the first run in the bottom of the 7th against Felix with a single RBI right up the middle past the mound. The Indians then loaded the bases, and Travis Hafner responded to Bard’s grand slam from yesterday with one of his own. So I guess I was sort of right about that whole home run thing – not that I think we’d have been able to come back from a two-run deficit (which we had before this particular event), but it’s certainly a lot easier to have hope when the game is 2-0 than it is when it’s 6-0.  Or 7-1. EDIT: Or 9-1, which was the final score…you can see how well I was paying attention

A sweep would have been nice, but honestly I’ve decided that I’m OK with wins or losses at this point. A loss is par for the course, a win is gravy. Really, all we’re doing is messing up other team’s chances now, rather than enhancing our season, and I know I’m preaching to the choir…I just feel like there should be something I need to say to justify bits of my fandom. If nothing else, Mariners games have made me much more excited about AquaSox games.

I will be missing most of this week due to east coast game times and making my last bid at the remaining amount of school. I’ll see if Conor doesn’t have some time to do some upkeep here, but things will likely be slow. Finals are starting, and I need to cram a little under 100 hours of externing into the next two weeks. The good news is that after that, I’m free. I’ll have to look for a job soon, but taking it easy for a few weeks is high on my list of priorities, and part of taking it easy for a few weeks will be getting in as much baseball as possible before the season ends and the horror of football season begins.

Thanks for dropping by…

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