French Toast

Yes, it’s a weird title, but everyone likes French toast, and Luke French threw a likeable and fairly remarkable game tonight, no-hitting the Orioles through five and a third innings.  One could argue that such a feat isn’t worth much notice, given that it’s the Orioles and all, but it’s also an Orioles team that has been hitting much better the past couple of weeks.  He left after seven and two-thirds innings having given up three hits, two of which were to rookie third baseman Josh Bell.

Tonight was Luke French having one of his good nights, not at all unlike the one he had against the Royals a couple of weeks ago.  His fastball was well-located, his change was working well and keeping the Orioles off-balance, and his slider was doing just enough to induce weak contact and outs.  He did give up three walks, but the two guys who got them (Luke Scott and two to Nick Markakis) have very good, patient approaches at the plate and will take a lot of good, close pitches.  French wasn’t overpowering in any way, he only had three strikeouts, but he figured out quickly what was going to work against the O’s, and he stuck with it until it didn’t work anymore, which wound up lasting all the way into the eighth inning.  French is really only a mediocre pitcher, but credit where credit is due: he pitched a nice game tonight.

Matt Tuiasasopo also had a nice game today.  He wasn’t put in the lineup until almost the last minute after Saunders and Langerhans both got scratched, but still managed to account for all four RBI’s tonight via a double and a three-run homer.  He also made a few decent, though shaky, plays out in left field.  I’ve been a big Tui supporter for a long time, and he really hasn’t done crap this year, so it was nice to see him break out a little bit, even if it was just for one game.

Unfortunately, being a game between two of the worst teams in baseball this year, that’s all there really is to say about this game, and I don’t have any interesting lessons or such prepared for you all tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a cooler day and my brain will work better, and possibly bring us a more entertaining baseball game, too.

Enjoy your night, folks!

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