Fridays at SafeCo

I discovered this morning that I had been linked to here. I’m not sure why they referred to the entire Mariners blogosphere as being hairy, since I’m pretty sure most of the men involved in it have coifs of fairly close crop (and very little facial hair – geeks love shaving, who knew?), so I have no choice but to believe that myself, Mariner Mandy, and Compass Rosy are the hirsute ones. Terrifying.  I guess I need to get rid of the Lady Bic and invest in a Venus or something with 5 or more blades. Curses! It’s nice to see Mike Sweeney doling out the hugs in Philadelphia already – as if anyone could stop him…

I am looking at a fairly fun weekend – a wedding tonight (sadly, most of my Mariners/Yankees listening will be done at school on a fuzzy radio), and another visit to the Everett AquaSox pressbox to see Willy Kesler and friends take batting practice and beat the Tri-City Dust Devils, a team I don’t believe I’ve seen before. Five-game series starts tonight, I will try and remember to wear socks this time.

I took some 100+ photos at the last Felix Day homestand, and posted some of the pre-game shots last week.Here are some of the in-game shots….

Felix takes aim at one of the first in the Oakland lineup.

Casey Kotchman gets ready for a hit.

A rare picture of Chone Figgins. Or any second baseman, for that matter. Sitting in left field all the time is fun, but it is not without its disadvantages for someone without a super great zoom lens.

Mike Brumley must be terribly short.

David Aardsma contemplates the dirt, the crowd, his shoes before letting the A’s batters have it.

This one was taken at the insistence of my friend Craig, who made friends with a guy sitting behind us who was also from Syracuse, New York. The man had taken a train all the way to Seattle from the east coast to see the Mariners and was headed back promptly after the game.

Mariners win! This is a terrible picture, but Mariners win!

Happy Felix Day, everyone!

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  1. Now that you mention the facial hair thing… I think I might be the only M’s blogger with a beard. How very odd.

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