Lou Piniella’s last presser

…as they say in the professional journalist world…

Julie at A League of Her Own has posted video of Piniella’s farewell press conference after the Cubs fell to the Atlanta Braves yesterday afternoon. It and a picture of Lou tipping his hat to the Chicago fans can be found here.

Not having been a longtime baseball fan, I (obviously) wasn’t around to witness the Piniella years. Out of total coincidence right after I watched this video, however, someone posted a little fun fact on Twitter: The Mariners went to the post season 4 times during Piniella’s 10-year career here in Seattle, and never before or never since. This is likely old news to most any Mariners fan, but it helped put things into some degree of perspective for me. Outside of understanding the impact Piniella made on the game of baseball (or at the very least being able to appreciate it), I now understand why so many Mariners fans view Piniella as the end-all be-all of baseball management. Not that I didn’t before, but sometimes it takes just a smidge more information before something like that makes an impact. Piniella will easily go to the Hall of Fame, and hopefully he’ll get to Cooperstown before I do.

The Mariners go up against the BoSox today at 4pm PST. Doug Fister against Joooohn Laaaackey, a team that can’t hit in a hitter’s park. I’ll be in school for the bulk of it, but the good news is that I have only a week and three-ish days left of this nonsense and then I’m free…to find a temp job that has nothing to do with the year of school I’ve just taken. Thumbs up.

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