Twice Is Nice In Boston

Apparently, I am the king of corny post titles. Go me?

Sorry for the silence around here the last few days.  Megan’s in her finals week (her last one, I do believe), and I’ve been rather busy myself.  In fact, I’m not even making this post from home, so there’s that.

The Mariners played a double-header in Boston today thanks to a rainout yesterday.  Frankly, there were times that I was wondering if they’d even get today’s games in as there was a constant drizzle of showers throughout the day.

The first game was pretty forgettable, as four runs were charged to David Pauley’s Foot after Pauley literally booted a grounder back at him with two outs, then couldn’t get anyone out after that.  The M’s would bring it back to 4-3 courtesy of a solo shot by Russell Branyan followed by a two run homer by Casey Kotchman, but they could not score any more than that.

The second game was a much better one for the M’s, because Felix Hernandez was on the mound.  He entered the game just seven strikeouts away from 1,000 in his career, which would make him the fourth youngest pitcher of all time to reach that mark.  Felix was in dominant form today, and he reached that goal easily, whiffing David Ortiz in the sixth inning, and then striking out two more Red Sox on the night for good measure.  Felix would give up just two runs in 7 1/3 innings, but only one was earned thanks to a pair of bad, bad errors committed by shortstop Josh Wilson.  The other run came on a solo bomb by J.D. Drew.

The M’s would go on to win the game 4-2 after Brandon League came in to relieve Felix and shut the Red Sox down for 1 2/3 innings to earn his fourth save of the year.  The M’s managed to manufacture four runs over the course of the game, and with Felix spinning yet another gem, that would prove more than enough to earn a split in the double header.  The M’s also improved their record on this road trip (that is now over, thankfully) to 6-6, which is frankly a better record than I had expected them to earn.

I know I said this after Felix’s start against the Yankees last week, but I really, truly hope that Mariners fans everywhere appreciate Felix and everything he has done.  He is a fantastic and amazing pitcher who hasn’t even reached the top of his game yet.  When Felix becomes all that he possibly can be, I will weep for the fortunes of opposing batters, and weep more for joy that such an incredible pitcher is a Seattle Mariner and will continue to be for at least four more years past this one.

In other news, after the outing that Megan and I took to Everett on Saturday to watch the Everett AquaSox, I was invited back out on Monday to take in a double header after Sunday’s rainout.  Anthony Fernandez was starting one of the games for the AquaSox, so I was more than eager to accept the offer.  I wrote up all three games worth of scouting notes in one big post (including lots of video), so go check it out!

I’ll be heading over to Cheney Stadium Thursday night to see M’s top pitching prospect Michael Pineda, so expect copious notes (and more video!) on him some time Friday.  And while we’re on the topic of Michael Pineda, he’s been nominated for the USA Today Minor League Player of the Year award.  Being as it’s a fan-voted award, I’m personally dubious as to how meaningful the award is on a whole, but trust me when I say that it means a lot to the players.  As of this writing, he’s tied for first, so go vote for him and tell your friends to vote for him as well!

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