Fridays at SafeCo – 2010 season edition

I was out celebrating being done with school Wednesday, and we had friends over last night. I did wind up watching the game Wednesday, but again, what was there to say? Another loss on Jason Vargas’ dime. Last night, I did watch some of it, but we turned it off in deference to our company, and watching some awful movie called Galaxy of Terror (yes, we were expecting it to be terrible, and it met our expectations). I wish that Doug Fister could have gotten a win, and it looked like there was a chance he could have, but after Russell Branyan’s 2-run blast that boosted the score to 3-0 (which was absolutely gorgeous, incidentally), I guess we just didn’t feel like giving the Indians any more hassle, and, surprising precisely nobody, lost 6-3.

At this point, a lot of people might ask why we’re all Mariners fans. We all have our own reasons. Personally, I wanted to root for a team that I could actually go watch play. I feel sort of sorry for my friends who are Red Sox and Yankees fans, because they can only see their teams a few times every season – I can go whenever I like. The losses are a lot to take, and the more they pile up, the more I question myself. But the fact is, (and I know I’ve said this before) I like being on the underdog’s side, even when there is so much trouble and drama and just flat-out failure. I would like to submit to whomever is reading this that Yankees fans wouldn’t last two seconds being Mariners fans these days. It’s easy to back a winner; not so much to keep on loving a team that just doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right. Yankees fans may take a lot of flack for being Yankees fans, but they can rest in the knowledge that their team has won the World Series several times, has a long and glorious history, and has been run well for several years  now. A lot of us can’t say that – but we still fly our blue and teal proudly. It’s not easy, but someone has to do it.

I’ll be at tonight’s game with Conor and my Yankees buddy Craig. I’m not expecting anything, at this point, other than to be in attendance at a baseball game, and to be able to try and hone my photography skills further. Am also looking forward to tomorrow’s blogger event, and all the prizes it apparently comes with (fleece blanket, t-shirt, and of course talk with the front office). That said, here are some terrible pictures for this terrible season…

This is what I mean by honing – I have no idea what caused the fading at the left lower corner of this photo, but I think it made an interesting picture, nonetheless. I’m not much of a Photoshop person (read; not at all), so touching things up isn’t much of an option for me. Sure, it’d make for a nicer photo, but I prefer to think of myself as inexperienced, raw, and not well-versed in the art of photography. So here, I win.

Here is an example of something that occurs more frequently than I’d like;  when I suddenly realize that a player is close enough to get a good shot of, but my camera isn’t actually on. Panic. No focus. Jose Lopez being menaced by a giant finger. I wish baseball was played year-round. Sure, we’d all freeze to death during night games, but at least I’d get more practice with the camera…

I try and observe and report. I’m not really interested in interacting with the game or the players because despite evidence to the contrary, I’m actually fairly shy when it comes to meeting new people, and I think that I’d just be too star-struck to not make a fool of myself. So I try and treat the team as if they were animals in a zoo – don’t make eye contact, get a decent picture, try not to be noticed too much, if at all. I botched that last bit this time. I wanted a candid photo of David Aardsma during the National Anthem. I was trying to focus on his face, but ran into a major roadblock when he decided to look at me. Rather than not taking this picture at all, my finger snapped on the shutter, and this was the end result. Oops. Truly, this was completely unintentional. So was this:

I think one of the things that is the most sad to me about the 2010 Mariners is that we got rid of these two, and we’re still a terrible team. We were a better team with Miguel Batista and Carlos Silva on the roster. Let that one sink in for a little while. I don’t know that I’ve ever managed to capture anything more terrifying in all its digital glory. Go, me.

There are a lot of other terrible pictures on my laptop, but I will spare you, because it’s Friday. Four are sufficient. Enjoy your weekend, and see you at the Safe!

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