Minor league week, here we come…

In the event that you haven’t been playing along at home and are local, the Tacoma Rainiers lost their playoff game today at PGE Park, the last game that will be played on the field before it is renovated into a full-time soccer venue for the Portland Timbers. I had made plans earlier this year to go down to Portland, stay with my brother, and take in a few Rainiers vs PDX games this summer, but life decided to give me a bit of a kick in the pants over the past few months with school and everything, so I never made it. I have only seen one game in PGE Park, the first baseball game I ever saw in person. I was unaware until talking to some folks on Twitter today that the Beavers will be moved to another state entirely – or at least, that is the plan right now. I had heard earlier this year that there was a possibility that the team might be moved to Beaverton, a suburb of Portland, but it appears that that has changed somewhere along the line. Unfortunate for Portland, although despite what a few people have said, Portland seems like more of a basketball and soccer market than baseball to me. I guess I just feel it’s more unfortunate for me; I missed out.

Also important – the Everett AquaSox have won their playoff game today against the Vancouver Canadians (I now find myself wondering what their mascot might be – drunk guy? Hockey player?)  This means that tomorrow’s game that Conor and I will be up in Everett for will be an all-or-nothing situation. I am desperately hoping it doesn’t get rained out. After yet another Mariners loss to the Oakland Athletics earlier today, I need a reason to get excited over the last strains of baseball 2010 has to offer. The Rainiers game this Friday will not be in any jeopardy because of SafeCo’s roof of course, but two games are better than one!

Earlier today during the Mariners game, broadcaster Angie Mentink mentioned that out of nine of Seattle’s minor league affiliates, eight of those are going to playoff situations within their divisions. Eight out of nine. Meanwhile, with a full month of baseball left, the Mariners are 16 games away from losing 100 again. I think I absolutely deserve a reason to get excited over minor league playoff games, and so do you – it’s the only thing we have right now. If you want in on the action, Rainiers tickets are still available, and all the seats are in the lower deck – $20 for Triple A playoff action, in the awesome venue that is SafeCo Field.

EDIT: Jeff Sullivan from LL has his version of the weekend’s event and subsequent softball game yesterday, which I was, sadly, unable to attend. He’s got a little more information on the event, so I would defer to him as far as what was said or not said.

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2 Responses to Minor league week, here we come…

  1. CrooklynBaks says:

    Eight of nine teams! Wow, don’t want to think how better those teams will be with a top 5 draft pick!

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