I love gossip

While the Tacoma Rainiers and Everett AquaSox both duke it out to win their respective series tonight, a little bit of a kerfluffle has started from the website of King 5 News. This is the most recent “news” from a “source” out of the Mariners organization. It has been my experience that telling someone you’re going to fire them before you fire them – especially over something as ridiculous as this – doesn’t end well for the fire-er. The thing that cheeses me the most about this situation is, if this is so terribly important to the organization and their “Refuse to Abuse” program, then why isn’t Josh Lueke being sent away from the organization, rather than Fusco? You’re going to fire the guy who traded for the guy who reportedly committed a crime, but not the criminal himself? So we’re down one awesome scouting director, and up one alleged rapist? DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANYONE?!?

I must go on record here as saying that I am in the camp that believes that Lueke should be given a second chance, but the logic in this employment move is so illogical that it just about renders me speechless. Then again, if this is just all a bunch of noise from the “source” and contains no truth in it, we’re all getting upset for nothing. I seriously hope that this is just some lame rumor made up by a disgruntled employee…

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