Another day, another loss

But this one is particularly stunning in its awfulness. Felix Hernandez pitched a 2-hit complete game, and our offense did nothing with the 6 hits they managed to get off opposing Blue Jays pitchers. We are now 58-94. The only team worse off than us right now is the Pittsburgh Pirates, who will undoubtedly achieve a 10o+ loss season this year. Ichiro also managed his 200th hit earlier today, which further demonstrates that this team is so much worse off as a sum of its parts. The 2010 Seattle Mariners are like a puzzle that has beautiful sparkly pieces with bright vibrant colors, and when you finally put it together, the resulting picture is this:

Photo courtesy from a private collection.

It’s difficult to fathom, and I’m tired of trying.The last week and change here can’t go quite fast enough.

The hilarious thing – at least, to me – is that I find myself a little sad that the season is almost over, because I will miss the game being played. Football and hockey is an alright substitution, sort of, but it’s not the same. I enjoy the social gatherings that results from watching the SuperBowl and Stanley Cup and their mutual playoff games, but the fall and winter months are lonely for the baseball fan, especially after a season like this. I spend my offseasons going about my business, and my wearing of Mariners shirts or hoodies usually results in at least two or three of these discussions:

  • Random person I encounter: So the Mariners, huh?
  • Me: Yeah
  • RPIE: They didn’t do too well this year, did they?
  • Me: *disgruntled sigh*

My fall and winter are also spent doing holiday sorts of things, gatherings with friends and family I might not see that often (some of whom are sports fans), and the opportunity to give me a healthy dose of hassle is well ripe. It’s all in good fun, of course, though I have had some people say, with hard-line conviction, “The Mariners SUCK!” in an attempt to rile me. They say it as if I was somehow responsible. The only thing I can do is agree with them, feeling kind of dorky and awkward, dressed in my blue and green Mariners ringer that I love. I hate to admit it, but what else am I supposed to say? It’s not as if I can use metrics to argue with them, because the numbers say the Mariners suck, too. I can’t use any ringing endorsements of any individual players, because that just makes me look like an apologist. So I have to agree. Yes. This year, the Mariners suck. They’re awful. There’s nothing I can do about it.

The Chicago White Sox are out of it, and the San Diego Padres will likely not be able to catch up from the nose dive they recently took. The Philadelphia Phillies might be my only hope this year, although I’m not sure who to back in a Phillies/Rays fight, if the Yankees for some reason fall to the Rays or Minnesota Twins. At the very least, I can just bask in the playoffs as my last little bit of baseball before it’s all over, and I find myself sullenly sitting in Goofy’s watching Packers games and wishing Spring would hurry up and get here.

I didn’t have much of a point here, I guess. Just felt like Felix and Ichiro needed acknowledgment, even though they’ll get it from far more important sources than I.  The next series is with Tampa Bay, so at the very least we can offer the Rays a chance to get games up on the Yankees. The Yanks will be playing Boston this weekend at home, though, so who knows. I guess the good news is that Seattle Thunderbirds games start in earnest this Saturday with their home opener, so at least there can be live hockey in my immediate future. And it pains me that that’s the “good” news.

Good riddance, 2010.

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2 Responses to Another day, another loss

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Great picture! However, if it was the 2010 Mariners I think the whole block would be flattened. 😉

    I can only imagine what Felix’s record would be if the Mariners gave him any run support. Oh well, at least 2010 will be over soon.

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