Fridays at SafeCo – Ichiro edition

It’s my 5th wedding anniversary today, so I likely won’t be around to watch whatever happens down in the great state of Florida between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Seattle Mariners this afternoon, instead opting for a surprise dinner out (I still have no idea where Tom is taking me). But I thought that in light of Ichiro’s 200th hit yesterday that I should devote this one to him – plus, it’s easy to be excited about Ichiro Suzuki, and who among us that is a Seattle Mariners fan doesn’t have a ton of photos of one of the best players to ever swing a bat?

Ichiro, someone I assume to be an interpreter, and former batting coach Ty VanBurkleo, before a Sunday game against the Orioles earlier this year. If memory serves, we swept them.

The batting pose guaranteed to make a thousand flashbulbs go off every time he does it. It never fails to amaze me, the number of photo opportunities this man still inspires, even after 10 years of being on the team. Baseball fans cannot get enough of Ichiro. Adults love him, little kids want to be him, and there is no denying the impact he has when he steps to the plate or takes the field when he’s announced. He’s still the player that receives the biggest and loudest ovation when his name is called, still the player who gets most of the signs (usually in kanji) directed at him, still the player who can inspire entire groups of fans to buy tickets and cluster together in a group, still the guy who can get an entire stadium to chant his name without help of the PA system.

Even when there’s a pitcher change, the pitcher’s taking warmup throws, and he could be relaxing for a bit mid-game, Ichiro still stretches. He looks like he’s socializing, but he’s still keeping his mind in the game, and anyone who is familiar with his training regimen knows it. That’s the kind of player he is – it is this sort of thing, this mindset that Ichiro has and maintains, that makes him such a gem.

Ten seasons, 200-plus hits each. Regardless of what you may think about this team, or how you may feel about this season, we are very, very lucky to be Mariners fans.

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5 Responses to Fridays at SafeCo – Ichiro edition

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Congratulations – Hope you and Tom had a great time! πŸ™‚

    Ichiro – Another year, another 200 hits! One of the few reasons to care about the 2010 Mariners. I don’t think that any of us really understand just how good he is, I find it pretty amazing that he just broke a record for the AL that was set by Ty Cobb!

  2. CompassRosy says:

    Congrats on your anniversary, Megan!
    Only 22 more years to catch up to my wedded bliss πŸ˜‰

    Why can’t this team do better for Felix and Ichiro?!? 😦

    • Megan Shear says:

      Thanks! We’re workin’ on it. πŸ™‚

      I don’t know, and it kills me that we can’t be better for them. They deserve a freaking World Series, and time is maybe running out for this – I wouldn’t blame either of them if they chose to bail on us. :/

  3. Chris Ross says:

    Great post, really enjoyed the read. I think that one of the biggest stories of the season should be Ichiro’s 10th straight 200 hit season, alas it will not be because he plays on the lowly members. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable feat. It is evident that Ichiro will always be in the discussion for best hitter of all-time, but where he ranks is always going to be up for debate I think. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you think.

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