Fridays at SafeCo

This weekend is going to be ridiculously busy, starting in a few hours. I will, however, have a giant buffet of all the baseball I can possibly eat before I get to watch post-season games on the minor annoyance that is TBS. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the constant low-decibel fuzz that accompanies all TBS baseball broadcasts? I used to think it was crowd noise, but it never changes, and the crowd is also audible over the top of it. It’s like the airwaves leading from wherever they are to my TV is covered in flies. I found myself relaxing just a little bit last year when the playoffs were over, and the World Series was on FOX. Also, we get FOX in HD, so that’s a bonus.

So this is going to be kind of quick and dirty today, because I need to get on with my day…

Tommy Hunter warms up before a game while some little fans get their photo taken in the stands. The photo I was trying to get was of Hunter stretching against the wall, and the four kids looking down at him intently. But by the time I was able to get my camera out, Hunter’s routine had changed, and this was happening. I took a picture anyway. I didn’t realize until today that they were all tiny Rangers fans, as was the guy taking their picture.

I have no idea how many different versions I have of this photo. A lot. I’ve tried to get him from the front. It’s not easy.

This picture was taken with my tiny pink point-and-shoot a few years ago, but in honor of returning to my roots tonight, I figured I’d toss it up here anyway. I don’t really miss my old section – I’ve grown quite fond of the left field bleachers this year as much for price as for convenience and view, and don’t think that I’ll be returning to the upper deck any time soon.

The sun is finally out, the temperature is supposed to be around 76 today, and it is a fine, fine day for a baseball game. Cheers!

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