And the playoffs begin…

I spent most of yesterday parked in front of the TV watching playoff games. Took a few hours to go to West Seattle Bowl and victimize some hapless pins, but other than that, I was all over baseball. For the most part, I got the results I wanted – one of which was conflicting, but maybe that ship can right itself to sail another day. So who was who?

At the beginning of the Rangers/Rays game, I wanted the Rays to win. Then I saw Cliff Lee’s happy little pitchface, and became extremely conflicted on the matter. After what he had to deal with here in Seattle, he deserves something better than that, even if it’s only an ALDS win. But I’ve been watching the Rays battle their way to the top for a few years now, always bridesmaids but never brides. I’d love to make a nice sweeping statement like ‘Mark Lowe should get a ring’, and that would be nice for him, I guess – but I’ve come to the conclusion (only an opinion, of course)  that the playoffs are payment for hard work done during the season – and while I like Lowe and miss him as a Mariner, he really hasn’t been able to do much in the way of pitching. So I’m just not going to say it. I guess whichever team wins that series will be fine with me.

I wouldn’t call myself a Phillies fan, but their high count of ex-Mariners, plus the presence of players like Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels puts me on the edge of the bandwagon. A lot of others seem impressed by the Reds, but to be honest, the Reds are a team I keep forgetting exists, just like the Astros. My ignorance of the NL coupled with my trying to blot out all memory of being in the Midwest while on tour only makes that situation worse. I was rewarded for my vague loyalty yesterday by Roy Halladay no-hitting the Reds. I hadn’t recognized the no-hitter in progress before I went bowling, as it was only around the 5th inning or so. All I know is that Edinson Volquez looked very awkward and uncomfortable on the mound for the Reds, and after Halladay drove in two runs from the plate, and the Reds still had no runs, I sort of figured it was over anyway. I found out about the no-hitter from a fellow fan who works at WSB – we took a few moments to rejoice in the awesomeness of it, then I continued to fail at bowling.

After bowling, Tom and I and our friends ran by a QFC, got some groceries to grill dinner with, and came back here to watch the Yankees/Twins game. I was not pleased with the outcome, but Craig sure was. The Twins are likely relieved to get the whole Sabathia thing out of the way (in a somewhat related note, Craig and I have decided that the “CC” stands for “cake” and “cookies”. The man is 6’7″ and 290lbs. Wow.) I don’t have much to say about this one. I’d rather the Twins win so that the Yankees are knocked out of it, but I harbor neither ill will or any sort of particular fondness for the Twins, so I’m fine with whatever happens there, too. It’s just that the Yankees wear me out. I can’t really describe it, it’s just this ‘ugh not again‘ feeling that I get whenever I see them. I think I may still be nursing some resentment over the Teixeira thing – the Mariners were never going to get Mark Teixeira, but we also couldn’t have afford to waggle that much money at him, either. I’ll live.

So I’m just going to finish watching this episode of COPS and switch it over to TBS, where they record the sound in a manner that the smack of the bat and the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt comes in behind you in a surround sound setting. With the HD channel, there isn’t any angry hornet sound in the lower range like there is with the regular channel, but their audio techs either need firing or a little more school. I do like their shots from the air, though, so there’s that.

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