Fridays at SafeCo

While poking around on my stats last night, I inadvertently found this post from May. The subject line is of particular interest to me, because at the time I wrote it, I was severely hoping that I was wrong. But 2008 was on my front lawn holding a stereo over its head. With a vengeance. It kind of makes me sad to think about it – I was only kidding, but I was so, so right. Oi.

I won’t be able to watch both series today; I’ve invited anyone who wants to show up via Twitter to come to WingMasters in Ballard to watch the Phillies/Reds game, have a few rounds, eat some wings. We might not be able to get a TV with sound, but given the time of the game, I’m hoping the regulars might be scarce. Also, there’s no basketball, football, or hockey really to speak of, so that further enhances the chance we’ll have the dulcet sounds of the TBS announcers to listen to.

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos I took from the last game, because I took a lot that never got used in my post about it…

Garrett Olson taking pre-game warmups on the field with throwing partner Chris Seddon. I tried to get a lot of photos of Olson, since I have my doubts whether or not he’ll be here next year, but all I got was his back and side. I’m a little saddened that I never got a truly good photo of one of my favorite players, but I’ll live. Maybe he’ll come back once he winds up with the Royals…(yes, that was a joke).

The grounds crew works to put what I’m assuming is Diamond-Dri on the field in the shape of the word “Thanks”. Several people were joking that it should have said “Sorry”, and while I can agree with that, frankly, I think we deserve some thanks for sticking it out this year. So I’m fine with “Thanks”.

Ryan Rowland-Smith coming out of his release, and Jeremy Hermida, who appears to be interested in running the wrong way. I am wondering whether or not we’ll be seeing Hyphen back on Seattle soil next year. I understand that there are contracts and other such rules that need to be followed, but I have this strange feeling that another overhaul is going to happen.

Not a terrible day for the last game.

I’m very excited to see Roy Oswalt pitch – I’m not sure I ever have before. He’ll go up against Bronson Arroyo, and again, I fear for the Reds. I’m debating whether or not I can get my friend Eric to turn on the rest of the Giants/Braves game once I get to his place for a birthday party, but I don’t know that I feel like being quite that pushy. I did promise him that I wouldn’t wear my “Red Sux” t-shirt this year like I did last year, so really, he owes me – right?

Cheers, everyone – have a good weekend!



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