Not a lot going on lately

I have some mixed feelings about yesterday’s Rays/Rangers game. Because of when I started paying attention to this game, the Rays have sort of been my fallback team for the playoffs. It’s been a disappointing fallback every year, but it is what it is. This year, after a narrow AL East victory, I had a little more confidence in them – but that confidence seems to have been slightly misguided. I find it interesting that this series showed an inability to win at home, and every loss was at least a 4-run gap. Talk about a bit of accidental karma – David Price complains about Tampa Bay fans, then gets his ego handed to him on a spit twice at home. Granted, both of his games were against Cliff Lee, but for a team that had to battle the Yankees and the Red Sox this year (and every year), and came out several games over the Rangers in the regular season, I was expecting something loftier from the Rays offense. If they’re not careful, they might be branded with the dreaded “choke” soon…

In the world of the Seattle Mariners (although I don’t know that I’m quite ready to go back there just yet), it appears that we have started interviewing managers. I’m glad they’re getting a jump on this now, but find it interesting that Lloyd McClendon is one of the candidates. In five years of managing the Pirates, McClendon never once had a winning season. Granted, the past is not an absolute indication of the future, but since we apply some of the same reasoning to players, it makes one wonder whether he’s the right guy for the job. I’m not concerned, because I am more than aware that a manager does not a team make – I just find it fascinating that we would give consideration to a manager who has a proven track record of loss, especially when it seems that this city and its fans would generally prefer to foist the blame on their managers (instead of their teams) for losing. I’d rather bring Don Wakamatsu back – but anyone who knows me could probably already figure that out.

A few days’ worth of break from baseball may just about kill me, but it means I might get more work around the house done.

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