Fridays at SafeCo – ALCS Rangers edition

Today marks the  beginning of the ALCS/NLCS series. It also marks the day that managerial candidate  Bobby Valentine was given the brush-off by our front office. Eric Wedge is being rumored to be the front-runner, and the first thing that tells me is that the team is maybe looking to ditch Milton Bradley. I’m not completely up on the Wedge/Bradley love affair, but from what I understand there was tension and a t-shirt with a swear word on it, so that basically tells me all I need to know. I don’t wish Bradley any ill-will, it’s just that he faded from our picture a while ago, and while I would love to, I just don’t really consider him part of the team anymore, and I do believe that his days here are extremely numbered. I was never a hater, and wish him well.

Jeff Sullivan recently posted a Mike Sweeney timeline over at Lookout Landing. I am now officially torn. While I’d like to see the Rangers win because of the mess that Cliff Lee had to wade through in Seattle to get there, seeing that picture of Sweeney being showered with champagne (somewhat of a wasteful practice in general, in my opinion) is, to use words I rarely use in conversation together, heart-warming. I really like the guy, and if there was ever a guy who deserved a World Series just for being nice, it’s Mike Sweeney.

In honor of tonight’s 5pm PST game, here are some photos of the Rangers at SafeCo Field…

Vladimir Guerrero taking some warmup laps in the middle infield. Guerrero scares me more than Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, and Prince Fielder combined. That man will hit anything. He may not be able to work the field anymore, but pitchers need to fear his bat. All pitchers. That means you, New York.

Darren Oliver, in relief, attempts to field an Ichiro hit, while Michael Young backs him up. I do not remember if Oliver managed to catch it, or if Ichiro actually made base safely. I just remember that we did not win.

One of my favorites, Darren O’Day. I’ve been watching O’Day’s pitches during the games recently, and have discovered that his location isn’t great, but the movement on the ball is nuts. Some day, the Mariners will have a sidearmer of their very own. That may well be the happiest day of my life.

And lastly, to honor what the national sports press seems to fear most in this Rangers/Yankees series, the man himself during rehab down in Tacoma:

For some bizarre reason, I choose to acknowledge CJ Wilson and Tommy Hunter as good pitchers, too. I know, silly, silly girl.

Good luck, Rangers, I’ll be watching.

EDIT: As I went to post this on Twitter, I saw a Tweet from Larry Stone, confirming a Jon Heyman Tweet that Eric Wedge is indeed the Mariners  choice for new manager. For being such a manly game, this whole thing is a lot like a sewing circle sometimes. I don’t want to hear any more complaining about Stitch and Pitch from any of the guys – you little gossipy things, you.

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