NLCS, Wedge, and why I hate teal

Later this afternoon, Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay will go up against each other in another battle royale that either extends the series to game 6, or gives the Giants a ticket to the World Series on their home field. Larry Stone has a great story on and  interview with Chris Lincecum, Tim’s dad, at the Times.

Jerry Brewer has an interesting article up about the hiring of Eric Wedge and the subsequent fan apathy/low response over it. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the only things I know about Eric Wedge are that he and Milton Bradley don’t get along, that he’s worked in Cleveland before, and that he has prior major league experience.  Right now, that’s pretty much all I feel I need to know; until the season starts, there is no way to know if Wedge can do what he needs to do. I think I need baseball to be completely over before I can start really concentrating on the Mariners again. My apathy is borne of necessity, not bitterness. Jay Yenich has something up at USS Mariner, indicating that Milton Bradley is “over it”, so there’s that, but only time and example will tell if this was the right move. For now, we at least have a manager. Good.

Also in Yenich’s post is something else that I have been thinking about since I saw a photo of it from a fellow fan yesterday…

Upon second look, Felix makes that jersey look good. Really good. And I know that the teal jerseys hold a place in the hearts of many a Mariners fan because of the old days and the 1995 season. So please take this in the manner it’s intended, which is not a slam on anything or anyone, and is merely my own opinion…I don’t like it. I know that these are going to be our alternate jerseys, but I have never, ever liked the color teal. It may be due to my period of high school rebellion over all things mainstream in the 1980s, and the fact that some of what I was rebelling against, in my black thrift store clothing, was the fashions of the day. But the color teal just makes me think of cream colored pants and blazers, popped collars, and deck shoes with no socks. It makes me think of pegged pants and Ray Bans. It makes me think of years spent with my mother telling me that teal was a good color for my skin tone and eyes, back when color mapping was a popular thing for women to do (you should have seen the teal eye shadow that was foisted upon me during a mother/daughter makeover at Merle Norman one day). Maybe most damning is that it makes me think of the Miami Dolphin and their teal and orange color scheme. Teal and orange? How much cocaine was being snorted when that decision was made? Let’s just say that I have some scars from the 80s that are hard to heal.

I’m sure in time I will come to embrace it, as a Mariners color, the color of the ocean we live next to, a color flown by my boys. And I promise I will actively try to love it. I will try. But it’ll take some time to get used to.

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2 Responses to NLCS, Wedge, and why I hate teal

  1. CompassRosy says:

    Re: Teal

    I like the color, but it belongs in small doses.
    I think it is perfect as an accent color, much like the Hawks neon green, as an outline for letters and numbers, narrow stripes, etc. All in one blob, it’s a bit hard to take.

    That said, it must be noted that the Sounders FC rave green uniforms are exempt from the facts stated above. Maybe being OK with garish colors in large quantities is in direct proportion with team success.


  2. Megan Shear says:

    One of my favorite colors is actually green, and all sorts of shades – neon is not an acception. I can’t wear much of it though, because I look atrocious in it. I try to shoot for the blue part of the Sounders colors, though I do have a hoodie my brother got me for Christmas last year. 😀
    I agree about the accent – I think it might be on the lettering and numbers of my Putz navy jersey, actually – but there’s so little of it you don’t really notice… 🙂

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