And it begins

Though I know I have no chance in hell of ever being this good, I really would like to some day write something as awesome as this. Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer initially, but the last line is the one that gets me. Everyone’s mileage may vary, but I found it to be a hopeful line – no matter what happens, there is always next time. Next summer, next season, next game, next year. You never know what can happen. Sure, it’s frustrating to be the fan of a team that’s been around for 30+ years and never been to or won the World Series. But there’s always next year, the year after that, etc. One of these days. Go read it.

It’s WingMasters again for my sickly carcass – there is an annoying cough that has sort of moved to my lungs, but for the most part I’m still functional. This is the weirdest sick I’ve ever been, and for the most part I’ve been taking it easy; but today, World Series and friends trump my tiny stuffy nose and general sense of lethargy. Plus, I haven’t left the house in like 4 days now – can’t take it anymore.

Referencing Jeff Sullivan once again, here’s a post from a few days back (I’ve been terrible at keeping up) regarding a preview of the World Series. It’s not a serious post much by any stretch, but it is accurate. This is going to be a great next few games. I’ll be around for games 1 & 2, but 3 will be missed due to Halloween obligations, and 4 will be watched, sound off, on my laptop because we’re having some folks over for the Saints/Steelers game that night (my friend Scott is a huge Steelers fan). For this reason, I’m hoping that it at least goes to game 5, but if I were absolutely honest, I want game 7, and I want it badly. If there is a game 7, I’m debating doing a liveblog on it, if I can find something that will work with WordPress’ interface (to be honest, I haven’t really checked around much). For the first time in my baseball fandom, I really want to watch the World Series, and that feeling is kind of neat.

This is really nothing other than my desire to talk to the wind this morning. I will likely be able to come back with something  more concrete later tonight or tomorrow, after the Lee/Lincecum duel. Ooo! I get a little heart flutter just thinking about it! Fingers crossed for drama, possible extra innings. May the best team win!

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