Quick bits and pieces

It looks like our old pitching coach Rick Adair and former Mariner Jim Presley (before my time, naturally) have picked up jobs with my other favorite losers, the Baltimore Orioles. Adair’s going to be the O’s pitching coach. For what it’s worth, I now expect to see the Orioles bullpen doing the backwards walk next year at SafeCo. Whip ’em into shape, Rick!

Jamie Moyer has also been severed from the Phillies roster, and might still be on the market as a free agent after a winter off. Again, I have a lot to learn about free agents, contracts, and all of that mess. Also of some more depressing interest in that link is the fact that Jose Guillen is being looked at in relation to an investigation over shipments of HGH sent to his home. In light of his injury this year I can understand why he’d want that stuff, but seriously, kids? It’s only a matter of time before you get caught with it. Why jeopardize yourself and your career?

I also found this story interesting from The Times the other day. A nunnery in Baltimore got their Roman Catholic paws on a Honus Wagner card! I may not know much about baseball card collecting, but I am well aware of the value and importance of a Honus Wagner. I’m not Catholic, but I hope they can use the money from the auction to do some positive things.

I have officially just broken two of my own discussion rules. Ah, well.

The game last night was…interesting. I do believe that Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe or no Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe, I am on the side of the Giants. Watching Ron Washington force Lowe to struggle and walk in so many runs made me despise him, and I hope Texas gets mowed over  by the Giants. I can’t even imagine what Lowe must have been feeling last night. He wasn’t ready to go out there in a high leverage situation, and Washington let him embarrass himself, and for that I may never be able to forgive Ron Washington. The Rangers got shutout, 9-0 on 4 hits total.

I am hoping that we get a game 5, though if the past two games are any indication whatsoever, it’s not going to happen. Maybe the Rangers will have more luck in Arlington, where they can have a DH, and the screaming and cheering is on their side. The next two days are going to be busy ones for me, so an exciting game 5 or 6 would be great.

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2 Responses to Quick bits and pieces

  1. amariselv says:

    It could be a troika of former Mariners staffers in Baltimore if Don Wakamatsu becomes the bench coach.

    I have not watched any of the postseason, but I did read about Lowe’s painful moment in the spotlight. 😦 I was surprised to see that he was on the roster because I was under the impression that he was going to be out for the rest of the year after his back surgery. Did he even pitch during the regular season? If he didn’t, I just can’t imagine why the Rangers would throw him out there in a crucial situation. Or why they would include him in the roster at all if he didn’t have enough innings in the regular season.

    I know it is still a few days away but, Happy Birthday! Hope everything goes wonderfully on your day. 🙂

  2. Megan Shear says:

    Aw, thanks for remembering! 🙂

    Yeah – initially Lowe was NOT on the playoff roster. Not sure why they changed their minds. Washington’s made some pretty bad decisions the past few games. He didn’t throw for us at all last year, and it was my understanding as well that he was just going to sit with the Rangers until next year.
    I hope that Rangers fans place the blame for that on Washington’s shoulders, not Lowe’s. It was actually painful to watch him, he looked like he was about to cry; I’d like to think he was happier here. I miss him. :/

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