The more the Moyer

On October 29th, I Tweeted this, after learning of Jamie Moyer being freed from the Phillies roster. I was more or less being sort of tongue-in-cheek about it, but cautiously so, as I remember what happened the last time I was happy about an older ex-Mariner being brought back to Seattle. I didn’t actually see this post until today. I was only kidding. Dave Cameron is serious, and, unlike me, he’s got the numbers to back it up.

I learned to be happy about the return of Ken Griffey Jr in 2009, not so much this year. The 2009 happiness became more or less for Ichiro’s sake; Ichiro seemed to love having Griffey around, smiled more than I ever thought possible for him, and the Mariners turned in a winning season – everyone remembers, I won’t go too far into it. The difference between 2010 Griffey and possible 2011 Moyer, however, is that, as Cameron mentions, Moyer can still hold his own on the baseball diamond. And whereas most other injuries would make me a skeptic, it’s just a sprained elbow, not a strained oblique, or a spiked ankle, or pulled hamstring, or anything else that seems to throw baseball players out of commission for lengthy periods of time. Plus, and this is just my own selfishness, I’ve never seen Moyer pitch in person. Lots of times on TV, but never in Seattle. Not only would this be a good move team-wise, but if the Mariners can spin it the same way Cameron has, and let people know that Moyer is still more than capable of doing the job, and the return has nothing to do with publicity and everything to do with the team wanting veteran skill, I don’t see how this can hurt us anymore than we’re already hurting. Plus, I’d get to see Jamie Moyer pitch in SafeCo! And you would, too! It’s a win-win for everyone! Exclamation marks!

I imagine that the group of fans who want to see the team go younger won’t care for it much, but if Cameron is right (and I find he is, a lot), and Michael Pineda is being that seriously looked at for the rotation, we still also have Michael Saunders, Ryan Langerhans, Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, and possible open positions at second and third, depending on what is done with Jose Lopez and Chone Figgins this offseason. Rainiers will be moved up and down, AquaSox and Lumberkings will be promoted (and whatever it is that Tennessee is calling itself these days – Jackson Generals?); so we have youth, and we have winning youth. I know that not everyone would be pleased, but lest we forget, there is also a contingent of fans who also want to trade Ichiro, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go into much detail about how absurd that is.

So, sure, bring back Jamie Moyer, why not?

In other news, the Giants’ win over Texas last night was not as dramatic as I was hoping for. I’m sure that a lot of that had to do with them not being at home, but it just seemed kind of anticlimactic after Edgar Renteria hit the game-winning three-run homer, and the Rangers’ fate was decided. Based on what I saw on-air, people shown watching the game outside  in San Francisco seemed mostly unaware that their team had just won; until a little while later, when they started setting fire to things in the street, and attacked a couple in a car on the street. Before I die, I’d really love for someone to explain this behavior to me. If it ever happens here, I’m afraid I will be deeply ashamed of my city.

Now we head into the winter of my discontent, and Tom is finally free from his long national nightmare. Until February. Good news? It’s Hot Stove time! Go Mariners!


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6 Responses to The more the Moyer

  1. appleshampooID says:

    Co-sign. I saw Moyer’s last game at Safeco and still have my scorecard from it. Was crushed when they traded him, although it was cool to see him get a ring with Philly. I’m pretty sure next year I’m going to get a retro Teal jersey with Moyer on it, will be even cooler if he’s back!

    • A teal Moyer jersey? Good call. I wrote about it over at ProBall, too, and can’t agree more with the idea.

      … which of course means that it probably won’t happen. 😛 But hey, we can dream, right?

    • Megan Shear says:

      I’ve already run into one person who isn’t interested in having him come back. The Griffey Experiment really put the fear into people, I think. I wish 2009 had been it for Junior. 😦

      You kids and your teal. LOL 😉

  2. Megan Shear says:

    He’ll get another Gutz jersey. ;p

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