Ooo! Piece o’ candy!

I am still fighting a cold or a flu, or some sort of mutant flesh-eating zombie germ – at least, that’s how it’s been making me feel. I spent most of yesterday sleeping, so I am behind on the news (though I feel a little better today, thanks for asking).

Dave Cameron says “as expected” in this bit about the Ms declining the options for Erik Bedard, Russell Branyan, and Jose Lopez. I have to be honest, I didn’t expect them to do it, but I think a lot of that comes from the lack of common sense we all witnessed last year as far as leaving players on the roster for too long. It wasn’t expected, it just made the most sense, and thus I was not really sure it would happen. I will be the first to admit that I no longer have any idea what to think about this organization, and this year may be like starting over from scratch for me. It makes me sad to admit that the confidence has been busted down a few pegs, and I tried to avoid it, but here you go. The hiring of Eric Wedge isn’t enough – the only thing that Wedge’s hiring guarantees the Mariners is that the Mariners currently have a manager named Eric Wedge. That’s it. I will say that I’m glad they took care of it so quickly, and I welcome Wedge to Seattle, but more obviously needs to be done.

The outrighting of Chris Seddon, Sean White, Ryan Langerhans, Guillermo Quiroz, and Ryan Feierabend gives me some mixed feelings. Of all of those, the only two I would really miss are The Fear, Seddon and Langerhans. They’re just guys that I like and would like to see stay on at a Triple A level, or maybe, in Langerhans’ case, somewhere on the bench…-ish. I’ve never seen much of Quiroz to be attached, and I’ve seen far too much of Sean White. That dance was over quite a while ago. I guess it will just depend, for them, on whether they like Tacoma enough to stay, or would like to see if they could get picked up elsewhere. If I was them, I’d come back for another year – just to play in the new Cheney Stadium (hint, hint).

Brian Sweeney, as mentioned at the link above, has been claimed by my NL babies, the Diamondbacks. I never developed much of an attachment to Sweeney, but I was never terrified when I heard his name called to the mound. Maybe he’ll do better in the NL. The weather is certainly nicer down there. Some  guys are just meant to be temp workers, I guess.

Via reading Lookout Landing, I have also just learned that Casey Kotchman has refused an assignment to Tacoma. Sullivan is wrong, however – I will miss Kotchman a little bit. I may be the only one outside of Chone Figgins, but it is what it is. I enjoyed Kotchman’s defense greatly this year, and his personality maybe even more.  Wherever he winds up, I wish him well. I can understand why he would deny a Tacoma assignment, especially when our alternative is Justin Smoak; if I were Kotchman with Kotchman’s defense, I might be a little put out, being busted down to Triple A. I’m not saying that Smoak will not show in the future, especially since I know that such a statement is inaccurate – but Kotchman’s inhuman lack of errors this last year was awesome. He obviously was not an offensive producer, however, and it would be nice if we could be like other teams with a hard-hitting first baseman. It’s not necessary, but it would be kind of cool, that’s all I’m saying.

Adrian Beltre has refused his options with Boston, leaving him open to free agency or possible arbitration with the Red Sox. I have never before typed a sentence that I didn’t fully understand, so this marks a first. The nostalgic part of me says “Get ‘im!”, but the realistic part knows it’s likely not something the Mariners are or would be willing to do, and it’s probably not a good idea anyway, even though part of my thought process says “maybe he just needed a break from Seattle for a year“. I’m not much of a ‘rosterbator’ – I find it too difficult to keep track of money, contracts, options etc. Keep in mind, I’m just now beginning to grasp the most basic of advanced stats, and even then I just hate numbers. I’ve always been art-brained, whichever side that is. Most of my mentioning of players that I think I’d like to see in a Seattle uniform pretty much boil down to this:

And thus abruptly ends this post; I’m fresh out of opinions.


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