Ah, offseason; I did not miss you at all…

I know, I’m late with the news. By the time I get around to things, I shouldn’t even refer to them as “news”. There should be another word for people who are late on the uptake to use to describe random bits of information that was recently reported, but is no longer a new piece of information. I’ll come up with something eventually…

Like a really laid-back cat, Don Wakamatsu recently landed on his feet as the Toronto Blue Jays new bench coach. I’m glad that our departed staff is slowly finding life elsewhere, and honestly, I don’t mind Wak nabbing a home with the Jays. I’ve always liked their little angry bird logo, and I harbor no ill will against them as an opponent. I look forward to seeing him in Seattle next year.

As I’ve been trying to write this this afternoon, it’s been announced that Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez have both won Gold Gloves. Ichiro is not a shock, but it is nice to see Gutz finally rewarded for his hard work in center. Regardless of how sleepy his bat was this year, he was still, of course, wonderful defensively, and I’m still glad he’s on our side.  Hope he stays here for a long time. I’d link a news story, but the “Full Story” link in the email I received about this leads only to Mariners.com, where there is absolutely no news about either player receiving an award… EDIT: They must have sent the email out before being able to get the story up entirely – here is a list of those who won. It’s awesome that Mariners got two of the three outfield awards, along with now-free agent Carl Crawford. Even out of a season as miserable as 2010, something positive comes. Congratulations, boys!

Now, a few bits and pieces:

  • Dustin Ackley is reportedly going nuts down in Arizona for the Fall League. MLBN is currently showing a rerun of the AFL Rising Stars game and the announcers have had nothing but good things to say about Ackley. I’ll admit, I haven’t been paying much attention to fall ball, but I should probably start, as it would mean that I wouldn’t have to go all winter without any at all. Sadly, however, I may have to rely on MLBN to get some of the news, and I find their programming just about unwatchable in its repetition.
  • The Oakland Athletics have sunk their claws into Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma, despite original rumors that the Mariners were ahead in the bidding. I have neither disappointment nor happiness to express here – until there is a story to the affirmative that anyone is on our roster, sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to find out is, in my personal opinion, pointless. There is no sense in getting worked up over anything until it actually happens. I know a lot of other people  get excited over this stuff, and I don’t begrudge them, it’s simply not anything I pay much attention to.
  • There were some  announcers from ESPN, FOX or TBS that were fired or let go or quit recently that seem to be causing a stir. Again, not my deal. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area with FSN that shows every game, so am not really subject to people who don’t understand my team any more than once or twice a year. I can live with that. Saturday baseball almost always gets played with the sound down at my house anyway, because I’m already well aware of the fact that regardless of who the Mariners are playing, FOX announcers will take it in turn to badmouth us, mispronounce our players names, and just generally display a lot of ignorance about our team. I can hack it.

Not much else to say here, really. Not today. The only thing of some interest (to myself, anyway) is that I’m debating fantasy baseball next season, but not in the way that most fantasy baseball teams are built. Tom gave me an idea a few years back, and I think with some help I can make it work. I still haven’t decided if it’s something I really want to deal with all summer long, but I certainly have all winter to think about it.

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