A Saturday at SafeCo and an offer to fellow fans

I will be going to SafeCo tomorrow to sign a book for the Niehaus family during the informal memorial set to take place between noon and 3pm. While talking to Far From Port writer Harrison Crow (who lives in Alabama) yesterday via Twitter, I realized that there were fans who, be it distance, work, or previous plans, would not be able to make it to SafeCo to sign this book on such short notice, but who might really want to. So over the past 16 hours or so, I’ve been collecting signatures to take with me and put into the book for people who want the Niehaus family to know what an impact Dave made on their lives.

I’ve started a response thread on Twitter (just @section331, and I’ll get you on the list, no problem), and over here at Lookout Landing, if you have an account there.

Because I discovered that I have atrocious handwriting if having to do anything more than write a short note (years and years of typing and computers have rendered my penmanship a little less than quality), the “signatures” are being put into a Word document with a nice (legible) cursive font, and I will tape the pages into the book for the family on everyone’s behalf. I’ve included a note, explaining why there will be several pages of typed signatures, it is as follows: “Dear Niehaus family: The undersigned are “signatures” collected from fans who could not be here at SafeCo Field today, fans whose lives have been touched by Dave, and who are united by our mutual love of the Seattle Mariners and the game of baseball. You have all our condolences and then some for your loss. Dave meant a lot to all of us and we will miss him dearly. From the very depths of our hearts, a big group of Mariners fans.”

I will be bringing my camera with me tomorrow, and taking names until midnight tonight. If you cannot get hold of me any other way, email is fine, too.ย  So far I have nearly 100. Keep ’em coming, and please know that this is not an imposition for me, I’m very happy to do it.

Thank you.


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6 Responses to A Saturday at SafeCo and an offer to fellow fans

  1. Helen Ormsby says:

    Thanks Megan from two fans in Alaska who would have wanted to be at the memorial for Dave Niehaus. Your thoughtfulness has allowed us to tell Dave’s family how much the people in Alaska loved him.

  2. James Kuhn says:

    If it’s not too late, I would appreciate being added to the list of names, as I can’t get out of work for the day. Dave was my next door neighbor until I was 6, and I will always remember his graciousness and kindness, in addition to his amazing broadcasts.

    Thank you so much for doing this for everybody.

  3. Harrison says:

    Megan, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you do for the community and the blogsphere. It’s awesome!

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