Monday snippets

I’m almost kind of glad to be unemployed on a day like today – the wind and gray and sideways rain outside forces upon me the sort of de-motivation usually reserved for Sunday afternoons or recovering from a hangover. Neither of those applies here, however; it’s just a lazy day that serves to remind me that there are still several months left between me and Actual Baseball(tm). Come to think of it, it’s just about time for my now-yearly viewing of Eight Men Out, which I will be doing after I finish this post…

I woke to news of the Dave Niehaus memorial out by the home plate entrance having been severely vandalized. I’d link to the original story, but it appears that KOMO has edited it to reflect that the damage was not as bad as previously reported (this link from the PI, since KOMO’s link no longer leads to the original). For anyone who didn’t see it, it was originally specified that several items had been stolen, and that some of the signs (and possibly flowers) had been thrown or otherwise placed out in the rain and weather. It caused some anger and a bit of swearing on my part and the parts of others, but I’m as glad as I can be under the circumstances that the damage was less than claimed earlier today. This has been verified by Rebecca Hale, who works for the Ms.

If you don’t read her already, you should head on over to Compass Rosy’s blog to see her picture post on Saturday’s memorial. She was able to be there for far longer than I was, and managed to stand in a very long line to see the display at home plate, and give her regards to Rick Rizzs, who was also there. Had I known Rizzs was there, I might have gone back later – when I saw him on the news late last week, it was painfully obvious that it was hitting him very hard. I would have loved to give him my condolences in person, and thank Dave’s family, too. As it is, though, I was glad to just be there for a little while at the very least.

Dave Cameron has a Dave Niehaus story up as well. I love that the verbal picture he paints reminds me of A Christmas Story. It just seems so…little kid/baseball/Americana. It’s wonderful, and I appreciate Cameron’s sharing of it.

Around the internet, it looks like the Marlins are actually willing to shop Dan Uggla. It’s maybe not the smartest move in the whole world, as I get the impression that Uggla is beloved down there, and the Marlins seem to need all the help they can get lately (yes, I realize this is coming from a Mariners fan), but I’ll trust that they know what they’re doing. On the other hand, it’s the Nationals who are interested, so I’ll still get to see him play this year if that all pans out. Just looking at the schedule for June of next season (I haven’t looked at it for quite some time), I see that Shane Victorino might be coming to town – that would also be sweet. Now that I’ve been able to fully appreciate Philadelphia’s Franklin-Gutierrez-with-a-higher-OPS on TV, it would be nice to see him in person…(Gutz’s OPS for 2010 was .666, by the way. Eek!)

The Brewers are rumored to be displaying some interest in Jack Hannahan. I am not sure what happened exactly, but for some reason, I have no memory of us sending Hannahan to Boston. Wow. Was this last season really that underwhelming? Yikes.

Alright, time for pretending that the White Sox are about to throw the biggest baseball contest in the game, that the skies outside are blue, that the weather outside is nice and sunny, and that I live in Chicago.

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2 Responses to Monday snippets

  1. CompassRosy says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Megan 🙂

    Go, go Felix!
    well, I guess he already “went, went,” and did the best he could possibly do and now we just wait to see if by some miracle logic and reason prevais versus out-dated perception of what good to great …

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