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Looking at my stats, it looks like I’ve had more visitors than normal lately. Sadly, if this means that anyone is looking for my opinion about the recent all-but-done signing of Miguel Olivo for two years and $7M, the only thing that you will find is that I just don’t have one. Yeah, I feel like I bought my dress back from the thrift store, but at the same time, his recent numbers make him look just about league average…-ish. I always feel like I don’t know how to read FanGraphs. The part of this deal that bugs me is mostly the dollar amount. $7M and two years for a “veteran” (I am so dreadfully tired of that word in connection with this team) pretty much, as Dave Cameron says, “punts” Adam Moore’s future. The only good that can come out of this specific positional move is that Rob Johnson might find a nice job elsewhere…but I have this awkward feeling it might not mean that at all. That could be me being pessimistic, but I have learned my lessons well over the past few years. Because of bits of info like this, I remain, if not optimistic, maybe not as panicky as I should be. Or shouldn’t be. Man, I really have nothing to say. The only thing it truly means is no Gregg Zaun. Boo.

The good news today (for me, at least)? The Orioles have managed to net that pesky JJ Hardy. Good for them. It won’t mean they’re World Series-bound, but it’s an improvement. As for other things Baltimore, yes, I am aware of Luke Scott’s recent idiocy. I simply choose to not give him any more attention…then again, I just did by mentioning it. I CANNOT WIN!  Still no word on Justin Upton (rumors about him being linked to us have been pretty silent, actually), and still no word on Cliff Lee, though I hear that things are closer today than they have been all week.  I’ve also neglected to mention Jayson Werth, who is now a Nat and no longer a Phillie. Hrmph! is what I have to say to that. I’m sure Nationals fans are a lot more excited about 2011 now though; or maybe just a little. I would certainly be.  If they could deal more Jayson Werths and less Miguel Batistas, the Nats might be able to come back sooner rather than later.

Another bit of good news is that Ryan Rowland-Smith, as most of us already know, got picked up by the Houston Astros. I am actually a little jealous of Hyphen – I don’t want to live in Texas, but this move does put him a lot closer to the Salt Lick Barbecue. Lucky, lucky man. I’m just glad he wasn’t out of work for too long.

There is another rumor now, though I don’t know how much heed to give it. Laynce Nix? I sat behind Mr Nix for one game this last year, but we never gave him much to do, so I don’t even have anything visual to go on. If you look at his numbers, it appears he’s managed to improve some of the basics between 2009 and 2010, in particular his OPS, which was at .805. Michael Saunders OPS last year was .662 at the major league level…some day I’ll learn defensive metrics, and then you’re all in big, big trouble! All of this is rather meaningless for the moment, however, because nothing has been done.

I don’t know what else there is to say today. The meetings have wound down, everyone seems to be on their way home, and the Mariners were pretty low-key this year. I’m going to go drink some wine and maybe edit some of my photos from the roller derby bout I went to this last Saturday. Happy Thursday!

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