Christmas comes early to Marinersville

Oh, how embarrassing; I haven’t written for nearly a week! At this rate, the next time I give it a shot, I will have forgotten how. The positive? Today brings news! Wonderful, wonderful news…and some other stuff I just wanted to talk about…and I see with this first tidbit, some of my views have shot up. Patience, folks, I’m getting to it.

Oh, Rob Johnson. You’re probably a good person, but you were sort of Jeff Clement v.2.0, and not well-loved as a player on the Mariners team. This is why the baseball fan portion of my heart (which takes up most of the right atrium) skipped a beat when I heard this news just a short while ago. I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s real, and I hope that this isn’t some jump-the-gun thing like the Adrian Gonzalez on-Boston, off-Boston, on-Boston situation. Rob Johnson has been traded to the San Diego Padres for cash considerations and PTBNL. Just writing that is like laying down on a memory foam mattress when you’re really tired. And it’s worth repeating: Rob Johnson has been traded to the San Diego Padres for cash considerations and PTBNL! Ooooooo! It’s like I’m relaxing in the Bahamas! Waiter, bring me my mai-tai! Merry Christmas, Seattle!

Speaking of holiday greetings, I got this in my email, as probably so did many of you. I’ve said it on Twitter this morning, but I dare you to watch that link and not get chills. Not only is it set to one of my favorite Christmas songs, but it’s chock full of Felix, Felix, Felix!!! I also got this in the actual mail:

I don’t normally do Christmas cards. I’ve tried in the past, but keep forgetting people, or never have enough stamps, and lately have decided that I don’t want to waste the trees. But I love getting them, which makes me a giant hypocrite. Sometimes I think that the only reason I maintain my season tickets (or try to) is so I can get the Mariners Christmas card in December. I am such a sucker.

Again, more news of particular interest to nobody but myself…Bobby Jenks got signed by the Red Sox. From a distance, Jenks looks like an overweight version of Tom, and Tom thinks I’m crazy for the comparison. MLBTR says he’ll be serving in a reliever, non-closer capacity, though if Jonathan Papelbon gets injured, Boston has a very solid substitute.  The Angels are still tentatively looking at Adrian Beltre, and from what I understand, it’d be a multi-year deal. I think I speak for the entire Mariners fanbase when I say “Adrian, please don’t.” We’d get to see him more frequently, but…the Angels? No.  Zack Greinke was recently dealt to Milwaukee with none other than Yuniesky Betancourt; this is old news by now, but I felt it was worth a mention. The Brewers seem like a relatively smart organization, and maybe they only took Yuni because he was part of the package – in which case I should say that the Royals are a relatively smart organization. I don’t know how I personally feel about them dealing Greinke – I mean, he is to that team what Felix is to us – but I’m not going to worry about it; now it means that Greinke’s out of the AL, so that’s good for us. Last but not least, Adam LaRoche is still being heavily considered by the Orioles. Not a lot of Orioles fans seem particularly pleased about this, but LaRoche was being considered by the Mariners last year, and I vaguely remember that being a positive here. I don’t know much about him, but it seems to be taking an awfully long time to nail down a deal there, so maybe there is still hope in Baltimore.

I have other stuff I’d like to write about today, actually, but I also have a metric ton of stuff to do around the house in preparation for the upcoming holidays, so maybe later today or tomorrow I can get around to it. Happy Tuesday, folks!



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2 Responses to Christmas comes early to Marinersville

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Mixed feelings on Rob Johnson. Granted, he didn’t do a very good job as a catcher for the M’s. However, I kind of wanted him to succeed, since he is from Montana (a family thing). Oh, well – I hope that he does well in San Diego.

    Wish the M’s would have gone with “Feliz Navidad!” – it would have been a better song.

    Yuni – You just can’t make this stuff up. Why on earth would any team trade for him? Bleh!

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