Sunday scrapbook

I am actually still full to my shoulders of food from yesterday. So what was the first thing I did today? Slather some guacamole on a cheese bagel, throw some turkey on it, and devour it like I hadn’t eaten in a week. I may never learn.

There is still very little Actual News for the Mariners, but there were some things floating around from last week that I never got the chance to write about due to Christmas preparation and general laziness. Earlier last week, for example, a video was posted from the Everett Aquasox of infielder Hawkins Gebbers doing a bowhunting demonstration. I’ve never been a hunter, but the bow he uses is pretty cool, and he seems well-seasoned at shooting. The video was filmed by none other than the Sox’s own Evan Sharpley.

RA Dickey fans might like this video brought to us from USS Mariner’s own Carson Cistulli, also of NotGraphs (and probably a bunch of other sports sites I’m currently unaware of). Just watching him talk makes me realize how much I missed him being here in Seattle. I’m glad he’s found a home, I just wish it could have been here.

Dave Cameron’s got a piece up about the pros and cons of dealing David Aardsma now vs. next year. I wish I could say I was concerned for the same reasons, but I’m not – Aardsma could be a risk if he stays here for any period of time next year, but as things stand right now, I’m still not too hot on seeing Brandon League be our closer, unless he improves his pitch selection vastly. It’s frustrating when you have a guy you know can succeed if he just does ‘x’ or ‘y’, but he doesn’t ever seem to want to do either.

Tug Hulett, our on-again, off-again, kind of, sort of perennial Triple A infielder, has been stolen away to the great state of Colorado with a minor league deal for the Rockies. Tacoma Rainiers fans will likely be disappointed, as Hulett’s numbers in 2010 helped the Rainiers do a lot of winning in his less-than-half-ish season with them. Hulett’s never been a major league fan favorite, and he may never amount to much at that level, but as a minor leaguer he seems to hold his own. I don’t know that I will miss him necessarily, but I’m always glad when guys that don’t irritate me find homes.

Seems like there was more I had to say, but I guess that’s enough. My family is still here, and there are movies to be watched and food other than turkey to be consumed. Again, I do hope everyone had a nice holiday, and have a great week, all!

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